4 steps on how to arrange living room furniture in your apartment

The living room furniture and how to arrange it – let’s address this big elephant sitting in the room of every homeowner – No one has been able to escape this dilemma when moving into a new house, or when redecorating your present one. You may feel that your apartment’s living may look like a dull and boring room; but trust me, it has plenty of potentials to create some décor magic. Here, we got a few pointers for you. Explore the many options that your living room furniture offers, the Roomfruit way.

Step 1   Arrange the furniture to capture a pleasing view

To capture a scenic view and to make most of it, first, you should decide your view. And believe me, you have many options here. I can think of at least four from the top of my head. First is the window that came fixed with your living room. I hope you have a pleasing view, so capture it. The next option digs into your artistic flair by bringing an artwork to be displayed as the central focus.

The third one is our good old television. TV sets are most commonly found as a part of the living room furniture arrangement, rightly so. Once you put a TV unit in a shared room such as the living, you create a space where the family sits together for really long. The fourth option is a mix of all the above three. Yes, you got it right – mix up the window view, the TV set and also add an eye-candy artwork, there you have an excellent setting to arrange the living room furniture.

Step 2 Point all your furniture towards the view

Living room furniture is usually large and lofty, and hence the difficulty to arrange them. But once you have decided upon the focus points, you riddle is solved. You see, living room furniture arrangement is all about the experience you have while lounging on it. So, once you place a sofa set in your living room, think of how you will walk up to it; and what do you see when you sit at it, where will you put your cup of tea. Use your living room furniture and only then you can improvise it. The trick is to think large of the larger picture and to work the smaller details simultaneously.

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Step 3 Attend to your furniture one piece at a time

When arranging furniture in a spacious living-dining room combo, or at a small apartment living room, size always matters. As an interior designer myself, I believe that there is one perfect arrangement for every living room, it’s all about finding it. So, let’s do that for your home. Notice the breadth, length and height of your living room furniture pieces, observe how the sizes relate to each other. Keep a check on the proportion of the room versus the sofa set design. Overcrowding is one of the greater sins of home design and décor, and we sincerely pray you don’t commit it.

Keeping this in mind, begin to place the furniture pieces one by one, starting with the most significant furniture first. Our aim here is to create a composition; a form of sculptural art in your living room. Every individual furniture piece has a unique purpose such as a view or an activity to capture while enhancing the collective appeal of the complete furniture set.

Step 4 Respect the size of your living room

Once all your furniture pieces are fitted in your living room area, pointing towards the selected view; try to see how they are interacting or instead conversing as a group. This is where the scale and size of your living room matters. The idea here is to focus on the spaces that are formed around and between your furniture pieces. Are these spaces too tight to walk or clean; or is the gap between the sofa and table too large – do you need to add more pieces like a floor lamp or an armchair.  Such queries will help you refine your living room arrangement to perfection.

We want you to design a bespoke living room for your home. And every piece of furniture arrangement plays a part in this. Take a keen look at every piece and start to arrange your living room now!

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