Your balcony design with plants – get an oasis at home

Balcony design with plants is a terrific idea to make better use of that thin linear balcony floor in your home. Mostly, Indian balcony garden decoration ideas get limited due to domestic utilities. The balcony floor is used to dry out our laundry, store garbage bins, and also the mops and dusters. As a result, most of this precious floor area gets used by the house help, not you. This is almost like a design tragedy that occurs daily in your home.

All I am trying to say here is that please don’t waste that balcony; use it, enjoy it, and relax in the fresh breeze with your little plants. Recreate your balcony into a miniature oasis above the busy city life. Here, I am doing my bit by sharing the premium balcony decoration ideas with plants. Now, you got to put these balcony ideas to good use.

To plant a garden is to

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Audrey Hepburn

Put the eyesores away

First things first, you need to make space for a balcony design with plants. Small balcony designs have a big challenge – to accommodate the domestic utilities while looking beautiful. Thankfully, there are solutions available to fix every utility item that ends up being an eyesore – like the mop drying on your railing; or the cloth drying line. The basic idea for small balcony designs is to hide away or remove the domestic utility from the direct line of sight; while maintaining ease of access. An outdoor plastic cabinet to dry your mops and dusters, or a pulley-up cloth dryer is some useful fittings. You can claim your entire balcony floor with these small additions.

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Be an urban gardener

Balcony garden plants can be very engaging and are a necessary addition for any balcony design with plants. You can choose to have artificial or real plants, remember both need some tender love and care from you. Real plants ask for your time daily for watering, and some of us who are like me build a hobby of it. Trust me; it is a very effective stress buster. Alternatively, artificial plants may need your attention once a week, for dust cleaning. Frankly, I won’t suggest one over the other. I recommend you do a mix of both. For instance, get some real potted plants to hang by the railing or your balcony roof; and use an artificial grass carpet to complete the look.

Pot a kitchen garden

You can try another approach to your balcony design with plants – going vertical. Today we have many options to crawl plants on the walls of small open balconies. This idea can introduce a fresh new green feel to your balcony, and also provide you with some kitchen herbs and plants. Green wall or moss garden are two popular options that look elegant yet exotic.
Let me tell you here, that it is not the most cost-effective of the small balcony ideas with plants; but it is worth the look. Also, Green walls come with an integrated watering system so that you can take a break from gardening now and then. And your balcony plants shall still stay as lush and green as ever.

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