Bedroom furniture hacks for extra storage space

Looking for bedroom furniture with lots of storage – let me tell you a secret. Your bedroom furniture selection is not only about the look, a lot more is possible. You can claim extra storage space in and around the bedroom furniture you choose.

Bedrooms are often the most cluttered rooms in a home unless you are wise about your bedroom furniture selection. These rooms are often plagued by overstuffed closets and dresser drawers, piles of clothes, and shelves stacked with things that have no rhyme or reason. Also, mostly bedrooms stay hidden away from guests, and hence get a bit ignored.

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Thankfully we have few answers to soothe your bedroom woes.

1.    Carve a cupboard in your wall

Most of our room walls are made of thick brick walls; these walls are 6 to 10 inches thick. With such a wide dimension, you can easily fit a 1-foot deep cupboard unit inside the wall. I suggest using cupboards as partition walls instead of brick or board. Don’t worry; cupboards will not compromise your bedroom’s privacy unless it a partition between two bedrooms. Fit your closet in common wall between your room and a bathroom, or your room and the corridor.

Cupboard unit inside the wall

2.    Hide storage unit behind your bed’s headboard

Yes, your bed’s headboard is one of the largest surfaces in your room. It is only common sense to develop the surface into hideaway shelves. You have the choice to limit the headboard size to match the width of your bed, that is, 6 feet. Or else, you can expand to cover the entire wall or extend it vertically to make a bold expression.

3.    Go under the bedroom furniture

This is the obvious one, and we have an entire furniture category for it – the bed boxes. But let’s step back a bit to understand our options. Now you know how bed boxes look- heavy and chunky. To use under bed storage, you don’t have to be limited by the bed boxes. There are many contemporary styles today to choose from, thanks to the invention of hydraulic hardware fittings. You can also keep things simple with pull out baskets under the bed.

4.    Make a loft above

Few of us are blessed with high ceilings in our homes, use them if you are. For comfortable room interiors, we need a clear height of 9’6” to 10’6”. Anything above that can use used as lofts, without hampering the room experience.  Also, the four-post beds work wonders in this case. You can hold an entire 6 feet x 6 feet size loft drawers between the posts, and even get a cosy bed below it with the linen drapes and night lamps.

5.    Hang on the wall

A compact floor area doesn’t mean the surfaces of the walls are small sized too.  In most small bedrooms, you will have one wall to put your bed against and other walls for the door and windows. All put together; the room will have some wall area left empty. Consider stubbing few hooks on these wall surfaces; they can get handy for hanging your accessories and even light shelf units.

My message here is short and simple – when in a limited space, start thinking vertical. You may have a small, compact bedroom; or a large and lavish one. Either way, I know that extra storage space is always welcomed in your home.

Nowadays, bedroom furniture come in many options and designs. So, don’t feel restricted by the size of your room, instead think free with the headroom you got.

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