Your bedroom interiors cannot have these design mistakes

We all love our bedrooms, isn’t that so true. Bedroom interiors are like an extension to us, to our wellbeing. Without our bed in that comfortable room, life will not be the same; our dreams won’t be the same.

But do you care enough for your bedroom’s interior design? Maybe, sometimes you do. But other times, you don’t know the how and whys of our bedroom décor.

Worry not, Roomfruit is here to note the common blunders found in designing bedroom interiors

1.    Bed in front of the door

The classic bedroom interiors mistake is in the layout. Regardless of your bedroom size, an entry needs the maximum possible floor area in front of it. When you enter a room, the sight of an expansive spread of floor is always better than a piece of restricting big furniture such as the bed.

2.    Blocked corners

Apart from sleep, storage of personal belongings also happens in our bedrooms. These rooms are prone to have many furniture units like a chest of drawers, dressing table, Almirah cupboard. Now, placing these units to cover the corners of your room is a mistake. Interior design, and also Vastu, recommends keeping the edges of your room free from any furniture. So leave some bedside space, free floor area. This allows for more open, roomy feel and ensures better hygiene and air circulation.

3.    No side table

All of us are guilty of lodging ourselves at the bed for long hours. To feel comfortable, we need the small little nothings right next to us. A warm cup of tea, a water bottle, the current read and our beloved smartphone. So, all I am saying here is, have a side table to put all these things; or else you will have to put them on the floor, and that’s not very comfortable or classy.

4.    Hard headboard

We resign into our beds every day to sleep like a baby. And you know, no baby likes any of the nooks or corners our bed has. And my guess is you also don’t. Take a look at your bed to see how one of your pillows is used as your back support, and the other one to cushion your head.  Now, that’s not a problem, but you are missing the nicer comforts of a softly cushioned headboard. Don’t do that.

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5.    Absent night light

For the bookworms, and also for the light sleepers – don’t miss out on a night light feature in your bedroom interiors. Preferably, the night light feature should be at an arm’s length from your sleeping position. This is such a great convenience to have, that words can’t explain enough. Just get it once, and thank me later.

6.    Thin, short curtains

Bedrooms are spaces where you hope to isolate yourself from the chaos of routine life. However, we do have a window to connect with the outside world. But the crisp sunlight or a fresh breeze of air shouldn’t disturb you at the wrong hour of the day. Here curtains can do the trick. With right curtain fabric and length, you can make nightfall happen even in broad daylight. Choose a curtain with thick, UV-block fabric, and snooze away as and when you like.

7.    TV opposite to the window

Many households like to place a television in one of their bedrooms. Although, many don’t approve of it. You know watching the telly is kind of an opposite to sleeping; however, that’s just me. Televisions in bedrooms are a popular choice. But those shiny LED screens catch a lot of glare, so be careful of the window location vis-à-vis the TV.

We are all humans who seek comfort in our bedrooms. Yes, we can make mistakes with our décor choices; but only until we know how not to make them. Now you know all the blunders that can happen in bedroom interiors, so please take care.

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