How to buy bedroom furniture

When looking out to buy bedroom furniture, an excellent pointer is that all furniture is to be used and enjoyed. Beds are the most abstract and subtle form of furniture in your entire house. The simplicity of a bed and the furniture pieces that go with it can get tricky. It is rather easy to step over the line to buy bedroom furniture which misfits both your taste and space.

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Ask why to buy bedroom furniture

Ask yourself and your bedroom partner that why are you looking to buy bedroom furniture. What needs are you looking to fulfil? Here, it is useful to think all your bedroom habits forward – do you dress in your bedroom, are you a bedroom reader; do your favourite hobbies need a place in your bedroom, say a music system or maybe a guitar stand. You see a dressing table is very different from an entertainment unit table- your bedroom furniture designs depend on whether you like to dress up in your bedroom, or watch TV, or do both.

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What furniture to choose

Once you start your journey to buy bedroom furniture, you will soon realise that the market is full of options. A simple Indian bedroom furniture catalogue shows enough types and kinds of inventory to confuse you. You know, bedroom furniture ideas revolve around typical activities such as sleeping, storage, dressing, and maybe television. Now there are many such activities, and there are furniture pieces for each of them. You won’t buy bedroom furniture for all the possible activities that can happen in a bedroom. It is for you to decide which ones are essential. Generally speaking, a usual bedroom size can comfortably host 3 to 4 activities. Dressing table, a bed to sleep, an entertainment unit for TV and a study table or a reading chair – these are the most popular bedroom furniture designs.

Where to buy furniture for bedroom

Your bedroom design layout is of significant influence on the furniture pieces you buy. Every bedroom design has its benefits and poses unique design challenges. Bedroom furniture tends to crowd your room, leaving tiny floor area to walk around. This is not a very desirable situation. Luckily, we have some basics to ensure a spaciousness in our rooms. A good thumb rule to follow is about the dimensions of the bed versus the dimensions of your room.

Expert design standards advise leaving 2.5 feet to 4 feet of space between any two furniture pieces or between furniture and wall. A usual bed is 6 feet long and 6 feet wide. So, you need a minimum 11 feet wide bedroom to house the regular bed. For a 10 feet wide bedroom, it is best to opt for a queen size bed, that’s is 5 feet wide by 6 feet long. Also, small size bedrooms are better designed when the furniture is kept towards the walls and not in the centre of floor areas. For décor, my suggestion is to browse bedroom furniture images of similar sized bedrooms. You may spot bedroom just like yours with a décor that suits your taste.

How to buy

Bedroom furniture prices are available for an extensive range of budget. Fact is that there is no best place to buy bedroom furniture; it all depends on your style preferences. Be it traditional wooden bedroom furniture or modular fit outs – every style offers a different price range and in a diverse marketplace. Bedroom furniture online is excellent for modular furniture designs with a more contemporary and modern look. For traditional wooden beds, with or without storage box, a market that specialises in wood furniture is always better. It can be online or offline, but the market you buy bedroom furniture should specialise in teakwood genre. This way you will ensure good value for your money; and will be able to access fitting and maintenance issues.

To buy bedroom furniture is a big-ticket purchase. I recommend you start with window shopping first, take a break to answer the why, what where and hows; then revisit the markets with a clear mind of what you are looking for. A happy shopping spree to you!

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