What your drawing room decoration is missing

Maybe you have found a fab sofa set, and also the best match of the center and side tables to enhance your drawing room decoration. You got it delivered and placed in your home, and maybe even sitting on it while reading my words here.

A fact about drawing rooms is that sofas and tables are just a beginning of the décor. Your real joy is in the little details, in the small things. For décor and design, I always believe in the saying – ‘little things matter the most’. Your drawing room is made beautiful by the little or smaller things that sit around your big sofa.

A.    Side table adornments

It is a common knowledge that side tables are kept for completing the sofa set, but not quite so. I partially disagree. Surely, the side table is a way to mark the end of your drawing room setting, but not on its own. The side table is more like a stage or a platform for you to speak your style; and small adornments like candle stands, coasters, vases or lamps can be your dialect. Basically, décor accessories are an expression of your style, so use it eloquently.

B.    Drop lights

Chandeliers have been a must-have for Indian drawing room decoration styles since forever. Today, the traditional Victorian style has given way to more contemporary forms. For the few of us who like to explore our décor vibes beyond the floors and walls, chandeliers are your answer. The best thing about a chandelier is that they are not at all necessary; because of which they come attached to a luxury tag. You drop one light centred or towards the corner of your drawing room, and that’s all you needed to get a high-design sophisticated look.

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C.    Eye candy

Drawing rooms can get boring. You and your guests can enjoy something exciting, something which is a conversation starter. That is why eye candy is needed in your drawing room. Any piece of art, say a sculpture on the wall or table or even the floor, stirs in an irresistible mix of interest and character to your socialising space. Just make sure the piece you choose is a reflection of your style and is asking for your attention; it has to be your eye candy.

D.    Carpets

Bare floors are nice but not as welcoming as a carpeted one. Carpets and rugs have been the better half of chandeliers in Indian households. Most drawing room décoration styles from the yesteryears would definitely have a chandelier and a carpet. Both of them, together and individually, are the mark of luxury interiors. I recommend using both as a compliment to each other.

E.    Cushions

Cushions are the ultimate support system for your drawing room. I mean literally so. The pillow doesn’t only support your back on a deep seat sofa; they also help your overall décor style. Cushions hold the décor look together, making it fail proof. Say you choose to fix a chandelier, not a carpet. Such a décor styling will look abrupt and incomplete. Thankfully, cushions can rescue you out of this décor menace. Your selection of cushions can be simple or decorative; the important thing is to make a cushion statement.

Let your design ideas flow for your drawing room decoration. The little things matter most, and the good news is that they cost little.

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