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7 eco-friendly products to make your home go green

Eco-friendly product is a familiar term for enthusiastic shoppers. You must have heard much upon the importance of eco-friendly products. Big corporates to smaller organisations, all are gearing up to set positive, eco-friendly examples. Many urban homes of today are switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle in support of a better environment.
You see, most of the products we use in our day-to-day routine, have taken from the environment in one way or the other. Now, to become eco-friendly is all about being aware of how much we take away from the environment, and how much we return. Sounds tricky, right? That is why we have this post to simplify the ‘green’ for you and your home.

1 Jute Rugs

Looking for a rug that is sturdy and sophisticated and is also loving to our mother Earth – try jute. Hand braided carpets and rugs made from jute fibres are as eco-friendly as it gets. They are biodegradable, support our ecosystem positively and boast of low carbon footprint. Once you place them on your floor, jute rugs bring an air of comfort and casualness into your room; they are an excellent pick for a family room or bedroom areas.

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2 Earthenware

Look away from all the delicate chinaware or melamine – these contemporary options are either too delicate or too much plastic. For your kitchen and dinnerware. Let’s get back to our Indian roots – choose terracotta earthenware. It is absolutely biodegradable, cannot hurt our environment due to its 100% organic character, and you will also support a local cottage industry.

3 Water tap aerator

All of us hear plenty about how our precious water is going scarce. Good news is that you and I can do something about it, right in our home.

“You have the power to take a short shower! Save Water”


Every time you open a tap, you can make a difference by wasting less water. Here, I am not asking you to stop using water taps; I am merely asking you to open the faucet with a water aerator fixed on it. I know it is impossible to give up using a tap, or a shower – these are the comforts we seek in our daily life. But, we can always responsibly enjoy these comforts. Fix a water aerator on your taps; it saves water while you use it and makes you feel less guilty about emptying our rivers.

save water
Water aerator

4 Urban gardens

One of the best ways to go eco-friendly is by gardening a bit of the green yourself, at your own home. Urban gardens have become a popular choice for many city homes. They fit in tiny spaces such as your balcony rail or any wall, and with just a little love and care, you can start growing your vegetables and herbs. Urban gardening lets you cook in a farm-to-table way, even in an apartment home. Enjoy the fresh food every meal.

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5 Biodegradable bags

Hygiene and utility cannot be compromised at our homes, but nor can we dump our environment with loads of plastic. Fortunately, biodegradable bags are here to our rescue. From disposable garbage to your routine shopping, there is an eco-friendly bag available for all your domestic chores. It’s all about making the right choice.

Biodegradable bags
Biodegradable bags

6 Waste sorting bins

Being eco-friendly means closing the loop of what comes into your home, and all the trash that goes out. So, while you ensure that most of the items in your home are gentle to the environment; it is equally essential to check that the garbage thrown out every day is in tune with the eco-friendly ways. Sorting your trash into separate blue and green bins is a pivotal step to go green, start your journey today.

Ecofriendly bins
Waste sorting bins

7 LED lights

Many times, eco-friendly is also pocket-friendly. LED lights are one such technology that gets you more while making you pay less. These high energy efficient fittings are 90% brighter than your traditional incandescent lights, and they come with longer life spans and minimal heat.

led lights
High efficiency LED lights

And I have only noted the first few advantages of Led lights. Definitely, it is one of the green innovations that are abundantly available and is favoured to use. Let there be eco-friendly light in all homes.

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