Home painting and how to maintain the new look

Interior design looks largely depend on the home painting types, textures, and colours. You can paint a beautiful wall,  but without right maintenance, it will not be the same for long.

Home painting and its’ life is one topic that no interior designer or contractor likes to speak about. The truth is that everything in your newly fitted home, each and every material that you purchase comes with a lifespan. Nothing is forever, so don’t let any life-long warrantees fool you. That being cleared, let’s talk about the life of your painted walls.

Painting is silent poetry.


Of course, you can’t expect your home to look shiny as new always, but don’t be disheartened as there is some good news. Yes, there are ways to ensure a better and longer life of your new home; and it all begins with your walls.

Stay clear of nooks

Walls are the touch-me-not sort of delicate surfaces in your house. A small dent can easily ruin the spotless look of your home painting. An excellent way to avoid these nasty dents is to keep your furniture pieces at a distance from your walls. Be mindful about smaller objects like a side table, lamps and vases.

Secure the corners

The daily wear and tear of your home start to reflect on your wall corners. You can spot early signs of ageing wall paints with stained edges or chipped corners. You can steer clear of this décor hazard by protecting the wall corners with wood margins or pop cornices. They look elegant and also provide strength to your walls.

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Keep dusting

Believe it or not, but dust does settle on the walls, and it also sticks to your home painting. Dust is like a slow poison for wall paints, and regular cleaning is a very effective antidote. Simply brush your walls with a soft brush once a month or so, and you will retain their glow and original shade longer.

Repaint when needed

Nothing can soothe your décor cravings like a fresh new coat of paint. Paints are the final finish applied to secure your wall decoratively. You see, wall paints are like a moisturiser to dry surface. Repainting your walls adds more life to the plaster and punning. Now, every paint type comes with a lifespan, after which the walls begin to look dull. Some paints last for a couple of years, while others claim to stay bright till seven years. All you need to know is the paint type and the usage level. On an average four years is a good time to repaint.

Take care of your walls, and the paint on them will become more durable, and you get a chance to revamp the décor style.

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