Five storage ideas in and around your kids’ beds

Kids beds offer fabulous storage opportunities to clear the clutter and keep your children’s’ room tidy.

With kids at home, no storage space is enough. A mom and a home keeper know the worth of every storage opportunity, especially when it comes to storage of her kids’ toys, and their books and the many little things they hold precious. As I said, no space has enough place to accommodate the growing dreams of your child. So, I suggest, we alter a bit of our approach to the kids’ bed design. Maybe you already have a folding bed for kids, or double bunk beds or a fancy car bed – either way, you still have plenty of options to scoop out storage areas in and around your kids’ bedroom.

Circle it around

kids beds storage around

Show me a kid who leaves the toys to sleep – I doubt one exists. Every kid loves to play, and go on doing so until overtired, and their little eyes shut themselves, wherever – on the floor, in the car seat or on the game board. So why not let your kid sleep enveloped with toys right? It is an obvious solution that both you and your kid will live. Think about it, your kids’ bed has three open sides, and one head back – how about using them as storage.

Hang a hammock

If you are thinking to buy kids bed, stop right there – I mean don’t buy anything else like the side table or floor lamps. When purchasing bedroom furniture, you will see that most single or double beds come with side tables. These are essential pieces of furniture to complete the look.

kids beds hammock storage

Side tables also serve a utility like keeping an alarm clock or water bottle and even your entertainment dose such as a book or your smartphone. Well, guess what, kids don’t need most of those things while sleeping. You and I may need them, but your kids’ beds corner can have better use as storage than a side table. That where a hammock comes in handy. It fits well in either corner of your kids’ bedroom. More importantly, hammock storage has no sharp corners or edges where your kids could knock their head; it’s all soft and cushy.

Hide under the kids’ beds

Hiding is the apparent idea that in most likelihood you already have. Most kids’ beds in India are with bed boxes; it is standard practice. However, you know that bed boxes are not accessible to kids, so storing their daily toys and utilities is impossible. But don’t worry, as there is a simple solution to this. Instead of a bed box, opt for bed drawers. Ask a carpenter to fix remodel your existing bed box into the pull out drawers. Make sure you ask the carpenter to set the drawers with telescopic channels, these ensure smooth glide drawers.

Alternatively, if you have an option to buy a new bed, get one without any drawers or bed boxes. Organise toy storage boxes under the bed. The thing with storage boxes is that they have more than one advantage. First, as they are lightweight, your child will be able to pull them out as and when; and while they are at it, you can teach some clearing and cleaning habits. Second, you can clean the floor under the bed regularly as it is fully accessible. Kids’ beds with built-in boxes or drawers are rather heavy to move, and cleaning them from inside, and the floor under becomes a five-year plan. Lastly, simple kids’ beds’ design, without any boxes are comparatively cheaper.

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Make a wall-size headboard

headboard behind kids bed

Once you place a double size bed in your kids’ bedroom, one complete wall gets blocked behind it. You see, whether your room size is large or compact; every wall has scope for storage units. And usually most of our storage units sit by the walls, but with a bed, we lose one area of the much-needed storage. Here, I have a wise idea for you – expand the headboard on your kids’ bed into a storage unit, and make sure to cover the entire wall with it. This way you will have a substantial storage area while giving only a few inches from the bedroom’s width.

Use a bunk bed

use bunk beds

For a flat or apartment home, bunk beds are a god sent for all your storage worries. Even if you have a single kid or a naughty duo, I recommend you invest in a bunk bed. With bunk beds, you can optimise your home’s floor area by going vertical. You can choose a three bed or two-bed bunk design, and convert one bed into storage. There you go, now your kids’ bedroom has double the floor area, without losing any storage capacity.

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Finally, now that you have your kids’ beds sorted with plenty of storage, lets’ get back to the what you and your kids enjoy together – shopping surprise gifts and all the goodies for them.

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