5 Secret Tricks the Pros Use for kitchen design

There are many things to consider when designing a kitchen, but few are really impactful. I mean, when you are renovating, you don’t want to miss upon the kitchen design essentials. You also don’t want to make any kitchen design mistakes. Roomfruit brings to you the secrets behind modular kitchens – the five kitchen design basics.

A pinch of patience,

a dash of kindness,

a spoonful of laughter,

and a heap of love,

that’s the kitchen you are looking for


Everyone who has visited a modular kitchen design showroom stands impressed by the styling, the look and the overall décor value. Of course, you too are impressed with the stylish modular kitchens. For kitchens, designers work around a few thumb rules to ensure both style and utility. You can also do the same, choose one material at a time, and make sure it’s the right one.

Trick 1 Pull out shutters

Modular Kitchen cabinets design come with openable swing shutters or pull-out baskets. Designers prefer to use pull-out baskets, especially for the frequently used cabinets. You see the swing shutters are all well, but not as durable as pull-outs. At overused spots such as the under-counter storage, the swing shutters begin to fall out one by one. It’s not something you want in a recently fitted kitchen. To elongate the life of your modular kitchen, designers cover most of the under-counter storage with pull out drawers and baskets.

kitchen design with pull out shutters

Trick 2 G-Profile handles

The cabinet design is a central feature of your modular kitchen; even a vendor will say the same. And the shutters, that come as a part of your cabinets are an essential fitting. The way you fit and finish your cabinet shutters matters, especially for the ease and comfort of using your kitchen; and for its strength and sturdiness. All shutters operate with a handle, and these handles come with many types and designs. However, there is one option that is the best fit for your new modular kitchen design.

kitchen cabinets with g profile

The G-profile is an aluminium profile that fits on the top edge of your shutter, covering the entire width. I have two reasons to convince you of G-profiles. First, it secures whole of the top side on the shutter, thereby protecting it from most of the wear-tear and thus elongating the life. Second, it looks clean and very sleek. Actually, I am very sure that G-profiles is one of the reasons behind the jaw-dropping modular kitchen look. It’s clean, crisp and also enhances utility, go for it.

Trick 3 Granite counters

When we are talking of kitchen design tips, so counters are an obvious point to discuss. For Indian kitchens, designers respond to the regular spicy and sweet treats cooked in a typical family home. The counters have to be robust, sturdy and actually fearless to stains. Granite stone counter is the designers’ choice for your kitchen counter, and black granite is the most popular of all.

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granite kitchen counter

Trick 4 Glossy laminates

You may realise that laminates are on almost every list of kitchen improvement tips. You see, laminates define the look, the overall appeal of your kitchen. It is so important to choose the right combinations that we have an entire post to help you decide. But, laminates are not all about the look; they are also about maintaining the look over the years.

glossy kitchen laminates

Laminate surfaces in a kitchen go through a lot- the grease, the simmering oil and the regular smoke. These surfaces have a tough task to look good, and that’s why designers choose glossy laminates. The thing with smooth and shiny gloss laminates is that they have slippery surfaces. All the kitchen grease and oil don’t readily stick to it; and even if it does, these are easier to clean. With glossy laminates, your kitchen looks shiny and new for longer. That’s a good kitchen design tip to steal for styling your kitchen.

Trick 5 Divide and cook

This one is for your kitchen design layout. Your kitchen is full of high-intensity activities. From cooking to washing and also storing all the domestic necessities, it is a densely packed space. The kitchen design layout has to be planned and adjusted for all the rising energies and excitements of a kitchen.

kitchen layout design with triangle

Designers have a simple tool to solve this riddle – the triangle plan. First, imagine a triangle, then zoom on to the three vertex points. Second, take the three most important activities of your kitchen, say storing and washing, cutting and cooking, and serving food. Place each event on one vertex. Now, imagine this triangle with the three activities in your kitchen area. The idea is to lay out the three main activities at the three ends of a triangle that is superimposed on your kitchen. This layout ensures maximum utilisation of kitchen counter and storage with smooth day to day use.

There you go, now you behold the secrets of designer’ style modular kitchens. Use them, and explore these tricks to bring that wow factor you have been dreaming about. Lets’ decorate now!

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