4 Tips Regarding Your Living room design

Living room means a lot of things for us. It is a family area and also a formal room where guests are entertained. This is why the living room design choices you make matter. For the greed of our comfortable living, the living rooms become major décor mishaps. It does not have to be so. You can now have it all – a simply beautiful living room with all the conveniences of domestic life. 

Add something new

This is what the décor shopaholic in us wants to hear- find something new and get it for your living room. I always believe that our homes are dynamic environments – you can’t build it all at once. If you notice, the living room in our home changes its face and pace very frequently – every day from morning to evenings; and every season from winters to summers. They even turn over the years to suit the comforts of growing families. Basically, these rooms are dynamic- they are organic. My suggestion for you is to embrace and love this natural character of your living cum family cum drawing room. Watch it, hear it, spot your domestic needs and routines – then add new things to your ever-changing home.

Choose a look and go for it

Best way to better your living room design is to choose one style and commit to it. Fetch your favourite interior design look, know the décor flavour you prefer. Notice the essence of it – the colours- are they deep or monotone, the kind of furniture – is it heavy or light. Build your entire home or just the living room with one consistent look. You see, every look sets a mood to your place; it can be neutral or be a pop of colours or something in between – choose yours and be true to it.

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Clear the clutter or at least hide it

Will you believe me when I tell you that clutter can also look beautiful? It surely can. In our homes, we have clutter, and we have organised clutter. Now, living rooms are no place for clutter. But, every house has many useful and necessary items that are not most pleasing to our eyes. The word here is ‘organised storage’ – your way to clutter-free home décor. Typically, we use large utility boxes to store our messy belongings, while making it look beautiful and efficient. Kids toys, shoes, umbrellas, kitchen napkins, extra cushions, old newspapers – this list will go on and on. Good news is the organised storage packs and puts away all of that in a box, and you can pull it out whenever needed.

Mind the colours

Colours are always fun. You try to ignore them, but still, colours are always present in our lifestyle, and our living room design. Now, all work and no fun makes you a bore; similarly, all white and no tone will make your rooms lifeless. But, always remember, too much of joy is also not good. Colour shades have a way around us, and they are dominating. When left untamed, colours can look like clutter, cause décor chaos. However, once you start paying some attention to the way colours are seen in your home, they can do wonders for your living room design. Be colour sensitive – use similar shades such as warm reds, yellows and oranges or cold blue and greens.  Limit colours to one type or surface of your rooms like a coloured ceiling or wall or decoration only.


For a moment here, can you imagine dressing up in a trouser and skirt together, and then wear trekking boots with them? Maybe you can, or perhaps you find that bizarre. It depends on your personal dressing style. Same can be said for your home décor – it is dressing up your living room to look great and stylish.

You now have more than four very fruitful ways to improve your home’s living room design, Hope this keeps you busy till I post more on this.

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