Must-know rules for your false ceiling designs

Have you been searching around the internet to spot that perfect false ceiling design for your room, but always end up facing a wall – I can totally understand, we all have been there.

Great news is that false ceiling designs are easy-peasy, once you get around the 3 golden rules – Lighting, Depth, and Finishes. So, let’s get started.

Learn the rules like a pro so that

you can break them like an artist

Pabalo Picasso

Rule#1 Ceiling lights

Would you just sit back for a moment to ask – why do you need a false ceiling? My answer – to fix some awesome lighting. Lighting is the key to any beautiful home. And False ceilings are designed to fit different kinds of lighting effects in your rooms – from task lights above study area or kitchen counter, to mood lights for the wine and dine or cozy sleepovers. Good Lighting design sets your place apart from being just another room. Whether it’s a pop false ceiling, or cement boards, you got to design that false ceiling for the lighting. Nowadays, lighting fixtures come in many types and sizes, you can read more about them here. The lighting rule is to choose the light fittings and their purpose before you start installing the false ceiling. 

Rule#2 Ceiling Depth

False ceilings are a second layer or surface which hangs below the actual roof and is mostly held between your room walls. Once you fix a false ceiling, the clear height between your floor and roof reduces. And this is where you got to be very careful. You see, most of our houses are built with a 9 to 10 feet clear height. This height lends a comfortable, open feel to our rooms. As you start fixing a false ceiling, this open feel begins to get compromised, inch by inch. This is why the depth matters. The lower your false ceiling is fixed, the smaller your room will feel. Now, mostly, false ceilings are fixed for lighting effects. Thankfully, the LED lighting fixtures available today are super thin, so most of the lighting effects can be achieved within 4 to 6 inches of depth.

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Rule#3 Ceiling Finishes

Let’s have some fun with finishes – that’s my rule for false ceilings, and also for your entire home decor designs. Finishes are the final look that meets your eye, it could be wood, paint, wallpaper, or a plastic 3D panel. With so many options to choose from, finishes are a great way to add some style and personal touch to your room.  It can be as simple as painting your ceiling with a contrast shade to walls; or covering some parts with wood veneers. Even a pop trim used cleverly can really notch up the décor factor. Finishes are your chance to taste a creative thrill in your false ceiling design. Play along and enjoy.

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