Navratri decoration theme and ideas

Here we are, amid Chaitra Navratri, also known as Vasant Navratri, the start of spring. Discussing Navratri decoration theme and ideas is obvious. During the festive nine days, we welcome positive energies into our homes and our lifestyle. Now the Chaitra Navratri is a celebration of the royals, right from the time Lord Rama returned to his kingdom of Ayodhya. So, you ought to embrace the festivities with pomp and show. Be it a Mandap decoration or the pooja items you select; there is a royal elegance to everything about Navratri decoration at home, or otherwise.

Roomfruit has collected a few kingly themes and ideas for your Navratri decoration so that the nine days are majestically auspicious.

Theme 1 Golden Glow

When we think royal, and then we have a festival – now none of us can escape the glory of gold. Gold is the most familiar way to celebrate, and rightly so most Navratri decoration items are readily available in gold. Indulge!

Theme 2 Serene Harmony

We all have our ways to connect with the auspicious divine forces. Some of us prefer being high-spirited and vivacious, while others enjoy a quieter calm to connect. After all, being one with the divine is also the ultimate goal. And so, for the soul searchers in us, this theme of peaceful harmony captures the quiet, asking you to explore within.

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Theme 4 Colourful delight

‘Colour is a power which directly

influences the soul’

Wassily Kandinsky

Colours and decoration come together, and that’s that. A great way to include shades is on your Navratri wall decoration. Walls are excellent canvases with immense scope to enhance and appeal. Design it to believe it, adorn your pooja room walls with a colourful style, and feel the auspicious energies all around you.

Theme 3 Sparkling shine

Jewels, gems and all that sparkle is the true mark of an elegant royal lifestyle. The best part about this theme is that most Navratri decoration at showroom will fit in well. All you need to do is step out, select and shop.

Can I ask which one is your favourite of the four Navratri decoration theme and ideas?

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