Pooja room decoration for auspicious homes

Pooja room decoration is an always ongoing ritual in most homes. I am sure you will agree that nothing is ever enough to display our devotion to our Lord. The best of mandap, expensive accessories, beautiful garlands, exquisite silks are just a few of the objects we use to adorn our worship place. In most homes, these are passed on from one generation to another like family heirlooms. Indeed, pooja room designs for Indian homes are a matter of pride and devotion. Whether it’s the interior design for pooja room wall units or a small pooja cabinet designs, decoration of the pooja ghar is like a usual ritual. After all, it is one of the many ways we express our love towards the Lord.

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Let’s have a look at the essentials of Pooja room decoration for auspicious homes.

Freshly picked flowers

Every Pooja Ghar routine starts with a morning filled with a sweet fragrance of fresh cut flower offerings. Although today we have many artificial lookalikes to decorate the modern pooja room designs; they can’t live up to the effect of real flowers.


Thoranam marks an auspicious entry, such as that of a temple or a home. Historically, thoranam was used to ornate an entryway to invite guests for an auspicious ceremony. Latest pooja room designs use these decorative beads and petals as a symbolic invite to the divine forces. You should consider using a Thoranam for your pooja room decoration; it adds a touch of culture and colour to your home.


Light up the darkness

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From natural light to electric led lamps – you need it all in your Pooja Ghar. Lights are one element which can make you experience divinity, visually and aesthetically. Even Vaastu, the science of building and architecture, mainstreaming in temples suggests that a Pooja Ghar must receive the first ray of rising sun.


Hindu temple designs for the home are incomplete without a ghanti, brass or silver bell. Ghanti is a part of the usual Hindu ritual of aarti. Pooja room designs almost always create a special space for the ghanti. The ringing sound of the bell is considered to be an auspicious sound that calls upon the divine powers into your home.


You may have a vivid memory from childhood, of your grandmother making a colourful rangoli at your home’s main entrance door. It is believed that rangoli art brings positive vibrations in your home. Also, the humble and colourful forms welcome visitors with a comforting and casual appeal. And it looks excellent as ornamentation, so you got to include it in your pooja room decoration list. Nowadays, you can also buy premade rangoli stencils to create beautiful art in no time.

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