POP wall designs – a 3-point checklist

Every home renovation list has some POP wall designs on the to-do list. I am sure your list also has it, and if it doesn’t then, please stop. I strongly insist you consider POP works to rev up your new home. But before you decide towards POP wall design works, I want you to consider three factors.

I.    Age of the walls

People get Plaster of Paris to finish their interior walls as smooth, spotless surfaces. Surely it enhances the interiors, and even the paint gets sort of a glow when applied on POP walls. There is just one catch. To achieve such a clean look, the brick wall and the cement plaster have to be in good shape; and by that, I mean new.

Old walls and cement plaster tend to crack, and these cracks can be seen on a new POP surface too. So, if and when you decide to get POP works done for your home, chisel down all wall coatings till the brick surface, apply new cement plaster, dry it thoroughly; and only then start with the Plaster of Paris or POP design works.

II.    Time

You know Rome wasn’t built in a day – mainly because it was beautifully detailed and was architecturally ambitious. POP wall designs are not very ambitious, but they do take time. You see detailing POP designs is craftsman work.

A crisp and clean look with perfectly levelled surfaces are the main offerings of POP works. The details and the drying time can really test your patience, especially in colder climates.  It will be wise to opt out of POP if you are looking for a quick décor solution. Decorative Wall panels are a good alternative.

III.    Budget

Most good things come at a price, and POP wall designs is one of them. From an industry standard, POP is an expensive way to finish your walls. To give you an idea, the rate of POP is 3 to 4 times the paint cost. No wonder it is one of the dearly cherished surfaces of high design spaces. But, don’t worry about the steep price.

Our construction industry offers many ways for your painted walls. If POP works can fit your budget, then you should absolutely go for it. But, just in case it seems like an over the top expense, you can ask for plaster and punning instead of full POP works. A Punning surface will give you a well levelled, clean looking and decently smooth wall finish with a granular texture. It will not be the soft pearl touch of a POP wall. But you won’t miss that much with the extra bucks you save by choosing to pun and not POP.

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Today our contractors and designers have many design tricks tucked under their sleeves. Before making any cost intensive decision, you should ask for all your options, and also the pitfalls of each.

POP wall designs are one of the many costly jobs in a home renovation, and it is not necessary. You can choose the best fit for your time, budget and home.

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