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Roomfruit is an exciting home design and decor site. It is created to sprinkle the joy of fine living into your home. At Roomfruit, every homemaker can be a home designer.

Roomfruit offers you with design and decor hacks, guides, how-tos, rule-books, and to-do lists through videos and article posts. We are here to simplify your home’s design, and to unleash your creative genius. And there is more. We have a unique offering for you.

Every now and then, Roomfruit opens up the designers’ secret book for you. We decode the creative genius of interior designers, so you can be one yourself.

Home design is like a journey to discover your lifestyle choices, and expressing them beautifully. Home decor is about telling a life’s story that is exclusively yours. Roomfruit is your tool to make this story interesting, engaging and memorable.

Founded in November of 2018.

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