To select a kitchen chimney – you must ask these three questions

Before you select a kitchen chimney, there are few important questions to ask. Kitchen chimney designs come in many shapes, sizes and systems. And I know the kitchen chimney reviews and specifications can get overwhelming. You may feel that your kitchen remodelling may have been simpler with only one option for kitchen chimney design. I agree.

Now, let me tell you, kitchen chimney designs may look complicated; purely because they are made to fit and serve different kitchen types. So, when you are looking for the best chimney for an Indian kitchen, check what your kitchen wants. Let’s ask a few questions to you and your kitchen.

How to make space to install kitchen chimney?

For the installation of your kitchen chimney, the location of your kitchen and the cooking stove in your kitchen matters. The system you select for kitchen chimney depends on where it’s placement, and how far the window or an exhaust opening is. The closer the window or exhaust, the better it is for your kitchen design and décor. The long fat ventilation tube is no beauty. To preserve your kitchen style, the best way is to hide away the chimney tube. The first step to do that is to shorten the length of this kitchen chimney tube.

Next, you should check the size and style of the kitchen chimney design detail. Kitchen chimney size chart is a common and essential document that every brand offers. Now, the chimney size varies from one brand make to another; but generally, they all are 2 feet wide. The height depends on the kitchen chimney design style. The popular styles are mostly wall mounted with a hood or a built-in type. The kitchen chimney with a hood does not need any extra carpentry, while the built-in type requires a wooden or glass enclosure.

How to clean the kitchen chimney later?

Even the best kitchen chimney in India, or anywhere else in the world, needs to be cleaned once in a while. Okay, the cleaning is twice a year. If you think of it, there is plenty of kitchen grease, oil and odours flowing through your kitchen chimney hood and tube. While you may be keeping your chimney wiped and shiny from the outside, cleaning the inside filters are a necessary job. The good thing is it is not very tough to clean. When you select a kitchen chimney, ask the vendor, or shop keeper to explain the cleaning method. Also, many Indian kitchen chimney brands such as Sunflame offer yearly cleaning and service contracts.

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Is this fitting neccessary?

Yes, and no. All kitchens need a chimney, period. But, do note, kitchens need the right kind of chimney. Kitchen chimneys keep your cooking place clear from smoke, grease and other foul odours. Basically, kitchen chimneys are a fan motor designed specially to vacuum out your cooking area. To do so, chimneys pull the smoke and smells out of your kitchen by creating an air flow displacement. Every kitchen chimney comes with the strength to create this vacuum. You should look for the measure in cubic feet per minute or ft3/m. A higher number of this unit measure means better and faster clearing of your kitchen air. So, to select a kitchen chimney, think about your cooking habits. Do you temper or fry with oil often, is steaming meat and vegetables a routine activity; do you barbeque or use a tandoor? Any of these cooking techniques ask for a high ft3/m.

Indian cooking habits and kitchen chimney go hand in hand for an apartment or flat homes, and especially for the popular open kitchen styles. To select a kitchen chimney is a critical decision. Choosing the best kitchen chimney design ensures your kitchen looks perfect and also stays stylishly clean. So, go ahead and ask yourself the three questions; think wise and take your time to select.

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