Sell old furniture or glam it up instead

Are you thinking to sell old furniture? Being stuck on with your old sofa isn’t lovely. You may keep looking for a change in your living room, and never actually get one.  Here is an instant and obvious answer for your worry – revamp your current furniture.

You cannot separate the old furniture from the memories and the memories from the old furniture

Mehmet Murat Iidan

Now, the thing about old furniture is that it is comfortable, it is familiar, and it is tough to give away. So, I got two choices for you: Fabric and paint

Tip 1 : Pick two fabrics, not one

Your sofa looks more cheery and stylish with a combination of two or more fabrics. You see two fabrics brings a unique character to your furniture. I suggest you use a solid colour with a printed one. However, two printed materials are also very classy. Just keep control on the busy prints and the colour contrasts.

Tip 2: Paint it bright

Brightly painted furniture lends an ultra-chic look to old furniture. Also, the usually seen teakwood polish is just old school and dull. Neon colours are an excellent choice to freshen up your used old sofa. So, when if you want to sell old furniture, first call a painter with bright and lively coloured buckets of paint. Your old furniture will find a buyer near you, in no time. Did I say it is going to be you? No one can resist a freshly painted piece of a comfortable sofa.

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Tip 3: Print mania

Busy, colourful prints are a great way to stir in new interesting vibes in your room. It breaks away from the ordinary, and that itself is a stylish design choice. Prints are a way to express your home decor ideas in an abstract art form. Treat your old furniture as a canvas, and unleash your creative genius. I know it can be tough to choose one print over the other. I suggest you take time to organise a few options, get some cut pieces of the upholstery fabric and display those at your home. Live with them for some time; see what grows on you in a nice appealing manner. In a showroom, you may like one print, and at home, you may want another. Give it time, and you will find that perfect match.

Tip 4: Cushion cocktail

Cushions are the perfect facelift for your furniture, and it can happen overnight. This tip is your last-minute décor angel. Say you have a weekend party coming, or an impromptu family dinner and your sofa is looking dull and makes you feel grey. Bring some throw cushions to your sofa’s rescue. Pillows are the quickest and easiest fix for old furniture that wishes to live more in your home. And do note, size matters. Bigger sizes bring a better appeal.

Tip 5: Go vintage

All of us relish the comforting antique look one time or another. Vintage furniture brings an unbeatable charm to your home’s décor; it brings a sense of timelessness. You have tried to sell old furniture online, but that hasn’t been a positive experience anyway. Moreover, do you realise that vintage classical style is a massive trend in the new branded furniture? It’s all about giving a delicate finishing touch to your old furniture. A coat of varnish or a carving on the teak is like a gift from the yesteryears, celebrating the vintage nostalgia.

Reupholster, repaint, refinish. Just don’t sell old furniture; also old furniture buyers are a rarity. Roomfruit recommends you make something old new again!

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