How to choose a sofa for the living room

Today, once you are getting a sofa for the living room, the world is your oyster. There are uncountable options to choose from, online stores to furniture-only markets spoil you with choices. And frankly, the budget is not a real constraint. You see, the furniture market is quite evolved in our part of the world. Sofa sets are available as handcrafted, factory made and even as refurbished second hands. But, even with so many options, finding the perfect sofa for the living room is like a quest for every homeowner. So, here’s our to-do list to land you on that comfy cushy seat in no time.

1 Size matters

Mind you, size matters in sofa selection. After all, the sofa has to fit well in your living area. Surely, it should not be the only thing visible in your living room. A very common blunder is to purchase an over-sized sofa and realise this mishap only later when fitting the furniture at home.

2 Always pick a style you love

Victorian, vernacular, sleek, modern or a mix of many – choose a style that expresses your way of being. A style is always about you, your likings and your statement. And the living room is one of the best most effective places to express yourself. The sofa for a living room is sizable and also comes with a show-off value.

3 Make it attractive

You can think of your sofa as a sculpture. The size and placement of a sofa for the living room makes it sort of an exhibit, so all we are saying is make it like one. Make a lifestyle statement with your couch. Use bold shapes, and eye catchy upholstery. Work with contrasts of prints, solids, and cushions.

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4 Listen, the sofa talks to your room

Remember that your sofa for the living room is not just a sofa, it is a sofa set. Your living room decor is not nearly complete only by placing one sofa; it needs much more. You need side and centre tables; you need cushions, curtains, decoration pieces, rugs and the list is endless. When choosing a sofa, make sure every part in your living room all comes together like one happy family.

5 Think about your friends and family

Sofas are beautiful pieces of furniture that also serve a utility – to seat all your family and friends. For choosing your sofa, take a moment to think about how large are your usual gatherings. Usually, a living room can serve six to fifteen seats or even more, depending on the size.

So now you have it all – the basics of choosing a fantastic sofa for living room. But, just in case you are still in doubt, then I am always here to solve your décor worries. Let’s chat up and decorate your home.

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