Stylish False ceiling for living room

In most of the home interiors and décor, living rooms enjoy an undivided design focus. There are many choices for the false ceiling design of your living room.

Haven’t you found the perfect false ceiling design yet? Even after browsing the many design catalogues, both online and on print? Well, that’s great. Finally, you are here, and we can talk about how to pick that one false ceiling design for living room that you will love.

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We are going to talk about the approach or theme to designing your ceiling. These are the themes professional designers use to create a new and unique look, over and over again. Once you know these evergreen themes, you can use them as is; or personalise them with a bit of your style.

So, let’s begin now!

Theme 1 Minimal

Less is more – I am sure you have heard the phrase. It’s a designer’s favourite and the basis of a prevalent theme called Minimalism. Characterised by simple forms and a lack of decoration, this theme is a winner for rooms where the ceiling needs to vanish. It is a perfect false ceiling design for living room that is compact or medium sized. A minimal look to the ceiling will surely give your home a more spacious, open look.

Theme 2 Subtle and Simple

Elegance is always so refreshing, especially when displayed in the right manner. This theme doesn’t leave out any of the decoration; instead, it quietly composes every detail of your ceiling. Recessed lights, hidden curtains and maybe just a nice little focal point are few ways to be subtle and simple with the false ceiling design for living room.

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Theme 3 Rich like Royals

To feel like a king, live like one – your ceiling can play a significant role in that. Pop cornices, crystal chandeliers and golden trims on rich colours can bring a bit of the palace in your home. This one is a really charming look for your home.

Theme 4 Bland yet Bold

This theme is all about making bold gestures in your ceiling design. Creating a focal point with a bright ceiling paint or a sculptured drop-light. You should use the bland yet bold theme for an attention-craving room.

Theme 5 Vivid and colourful

I prefer to live in colours, how about you? It is said that colours are the spirit of life – very addictive and with no side effects. Well, that’s not all true for home décor. Shades do have a side effect, the right kind. Each colour comes with unique energy to charge up your room and you, making both very lively.

There, I shared all you need to know-the designers secret to impressive ceilings. Now you have the themes, so be a designer of your very own false ceiling design for living room.

Just remember to be delicate with your creative adventures!

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