House painting in summer season-Pros and Cons

Summer season is always tough, and it gets even tougher with a house painting session. But if your house needs a painting makeover, then we got to get it done. Summer season is a favourite time to renovate homes. The summer holidays are a recess from routine life to bring plenty of extra time to invest in necessary upgrades such as house painting. Before you choose to call the paint workers, let’s look at the key pointers of painting a house during the summer season.

Pros of painting house in summers

Faster Pace

You may feel awful with the rise in temperatures, but the hot air is excellent for housing paint. Paints are applied in coats, and mostly a wall needs two to three coats of paint to get a flawless finishing look. Now, each coat has to be absolutely dry before we can apply the next one. In the summer season, the paint coats dry quickly, allowing the workers to complete two coats within a day’s work. This brings a faster pace to the overall house painting; summers can reduce paint time by almost a week. You can enjoy living in a freshly painted home sooner.

Brighter light

House painting calls for a significant choice on your behalf – the wall colour shade or room colour combination. Now, when selecting wall paint colours, it is essential to view it under different lights – including sunlight. As you know, the summer sun seems to be brighter; it is a reliable guide to choose the shades. After all, once you select a shade, it is difficult to change.

Better finishing

Arguably, the best weather conditions for interior painting your home is during the summer season. Due to the chemical nature of acrylic or plastic enamels, these paints get thinner during the hotter days, so they spread better. Also, the finishing quality is superior. Pearl touch paint will be smoother, and textured paints will be consistent in look and feel.

house painting summer

Smells diffuse quickly

Do you worry about the strong chemical smell of the paint and the allergens that come along – yes? Choose summer months as your time of the year to repaint those walls and roof. With hot and dry air, the chemical smells filter out from your rooms rather quickly. For families with younger kids, or asthmatic members; summers season is the best time to paint the house interior.

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Cons of summer season house painting

Life comes to a hold

Summer season means summer vacations – it’s time to break away from regular clockwork, throw your socks away, just relax and party with your family. Guests may arrive, and a travel vacation in most probable. But, once you start house painting in the summer season, you have to miss all the fun. And till the time the painting is completed, life will be back to the daily routine.

base wall crack

Base work may crack too soon

Summer season heat shows no mercy to the plaster and pop on the walls. With temperatures rising as high as 50degC, the base work of house painting gives away all its moisture, just too quickly. Paint must be applied before the base work dries out completely, or else your wall paints are prone to crack during the first few months after finishing.

Workers get drowsy

High temperatures are harsh on the painters, just like you feel sluggish in the summer heat, the painters also begin to drag their work, especially after lunch hours. So, house painting in summer season means a good pace of work for half a day; and lazy lull for the remaining work hours. For you to overcome the torrid summer season, persuade your workers to start painting during the best time of the day – early in the morning when the day is still fresh.

house painting summer season

Can’t beat the heat

With a house full of painters during peak summer days, you won’t be able to enjoy the bliss of air conditioning or a room cooler. House painting requires well-ventilated rooms, so brace yourself for a harsh heat wave breezing across your hallways and rooms. My suggestion is to make lots of lemonade and keep sipping while the workers go painting.

Make a choice now, pronto. Despite the cons, the summer season is a popular time for house painting. At this time, most painters get overbooked. And just in case you find painting to be troublesome, try our Wall décor ideas that are better than Wall painting.

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