Telangana crafts for home decor – Discover Best handicrafts of Telangana

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Best Crafts of India for your home décor – Discover art and crafts of Telangana from Vijaywada, Naryanapet Handlooms, Dokra crafts, Batik Paintings for room decor

Being home to several arts and crafts, Telangana is an excellent fusion of the Persian and Telugu cultures. Offering many astounding works of Indian handicrafts,  Telangana brings you unique silver work, Nirmal toys, Cheriyal Scroll Paintings, Pembarti brassware, and a lot more. Let’s explore the traditional Telengana arts to decorate your home.

About Telangana Handicrafts

What is special about Telangana handicrafts?

Telangana art offers a selection of ethnic Indian crafts that date back to centuries. And there is something to style every room décor at your place. Here is a list of all Handicrafts of Telangana for your home décor selection: 
A. For wall decoration,
Paintings – Cheriyal Scroll Paintings, Batik Paintings, Nirmal Paintings
B. For table décor,
Metalware – Dokra craft, Bidri Crafts, Pembarthi Brass, Silver Filigree
Wooden crafts – Nirmal wood toys, Lacquerware
C. For Home linen
Handlooms – Pochampalli handloom, Gadwal handloom, Naryanapet handloom, Banjara Needlecrafts
Explore Telangana crafts as home decor items

Handicrafts of Telangana

Wall DecorHome LinenTable Decor
Cherial Scroll PaintingsPochampalli handloomDokra craft
Batik PaintingsGadwal handloomBidri Crafts
Nirmal PaintingsNaryanapet handloomPembarthi Brass
Banjara NeedlecraftsSilver Filigree
Lacquerware, Nirmal toys

 Telangana Paintings- Wall Décor Idea

This innovative art form is in practice for centuries. In Telangana, you understand the real skill of the craftsman. These Telangana handicrafts feature a beautiful combination of natural colours. They are either painted on a piece of canvas, cloth, or paper. Scroll below to know more about Telangana Paintings. 

Cherial Scroll Paintings

Based on the themes from Puranas and Epics, Cherial painting is a beautiful art executed on the Khadi Canvas. With red colour as the background, the art form uses natural materials to represent the region’s culture and lifestyle.

Batik Paintings

Loved by almost all the women of India, Batik is an ancient form of painting on the fabric. Displaying a blend of vibrant colours, Batik is a wax-resist dye technique performed long back in the district of Medak. Patterns on the material use the hot wax to create an attractive piece. 

Nirmal Paintings

With a touch of unique colourful style, the handcrafted Nirmal paintings come from the 14th century. These paintings depict the scenes of the Hindu epics, Ramayana, and Mahabharata. The people or the community of artisans who reside here are called “Naqash”. Nirmal paintings are unique for delicate woman figures on a contrasting dark black backdrop.

Handlooms Of Telangana State

Telangana is a state blessed with the vibrancy of colours, metalware & Nirmal paintings. Many regions of this state have a large number of skilful artisans and craftsmen for fabrics and textile. Here, we are sharing the popular forms of home linen choices.

Pochampalli Handlooms

Telangana crafts also include a vivid variety of high-quality handlooms. Pochampalli Handlooms artworks offer famous Ikkat eye-catching designs & sarees, dress materials. Pochampalli & many villages in Yadadri-Bhuvanagiri define the regions traditional handloom crafts.

Gadwal Handlooms

When it comes to the beautiful sarees, how can we miss the Gadwal handlooms featuring traditional sarees adorned with the Zari? Pallu being the focal part of the saree with an attractive border, this woven art is truly amazing. And, you may not believe this – a few refined Gadwal sarees fit in the matchbox when folded down with delicacy.

Naryanapet Handlooms

You may have heard of the world-famous Naryanapet sarees. These sarees come with the rich borders, red and white bands, and intricate ethnic design. The type of handloom offers a unique interlocking technique with a fusion of Maratha & Telangana style. The manufacturing of these sarees made in Narayanpet region in Mahabubnagar district of Telangana.

Now, are you wondering how a saree can style your home decor look? With a light-weight fabric, these sarees are easy to use as wall decor or repurpose as home linen. The traditional craft can bring a luxurious ethnic appeal to your room decor.

telangana handicrafts

Banjara Needle Crafts

Banjaras or the Gypsies is the reflection of lovely patterns and vibrancy of colours on original fabric material. Banjara crafts are famous worldwide. They feature unusual geometric patterns like squares, triangles and diamonds made with skilful needlework. 

Handicrafts of Telangana- for Table décor

When it comes to metalwork and its products, Telangana does not need any introduction to this skilful crafts of India. Metalware holds a great significance from thousands of years, and Telangana is famous for this art form. 

Dokra Metal Crafts

If your decor items include folk traditions, then it is nothing but the Dokra Metal Crafts. Produced by the artists of Adilabad District, each metalwork is a standout combination of metallurgical skills. Widely known as bell metal craft, this crafts of India offers you products like atypical spoons, horses, tribal gods, etc. 

Silver Filigree

Also known as Filigrann or Filigree, the Silver Filigree is a form of metalwork formed into a piece of elegant jewellery. Either made in gold or silver, this art form offers a unique style of twisted metal threads, tiny beads, or both – arranged in a zig-zag pattern. You can find items like spoons, button boxes, perfume containers and many more home decor items.

Bidri Crafts

Bidri craft comes to you from the 14th the century, a time of the rule of Bahamani Sultans. The Bidri form of Telangana handicrafts boasts of an eight-staged process – it’s a craft of patience to produce artfully engraved silverware. This art of engraving silver brings lovely items like hookah pots, cufflinks, jewellery boxes, etc.

bidri telangana crafts
Bidri work from

Pembarthi Brass

The root of Pembarthi brass goes back to more than eight hundred years in Pembarthi of Warangal district. The craftwork includes betel nut cases, elephants, tribal god, figurines, etc. You need to get this one exquisite sheet metal work home and add a traditional touch to your place.  

Nirmal wood toys

Do you know Nirmal art originated nearly 400 years ago? Yes, the historic town of Nirmal in Adilabad district of Telangana is the source of origin of this art. Nirmal Toys are wooden toys displaying the fantastic skill of Telangana artisans. They are world-famous and a pretty combination of colours. 


One of the excellent techniques where the woodenware is hard-pressed with the lac stick to form lacquer. The best example of Lacquerware is the bangles adorned with pretty beads, stones and mirrors. The town of Etikoppaka is quite famous for its exquisite Lacquerware.

Telangana lifestyle

In India, Telangana is the 29th state to form on 2nd June 2014. The region gets its name from the word “Trilinga”.  The legends say that Lord Shiva’s lingams live in the three mountains, namely Srisailam, Kaleshwaram, and Draksharama. It is the seat of ‘the three Lingas’. The three peaks form the boundaries of Telangana.

Telangana is like the cultural heart of India. The region hosts many festivals like Bathukamma which means ‘Mother Goddess Come Alive’, worshipping the Maha Gauri Devi. People also celebrate festivals like Ramzan and Bonalu dedicated to Goddess Maa Kali. 

People of Telangana

Telangana is mostly rural land with a mixture of the Northern and southern populations. Identified for its diversity in languages, religion and culture, a majority of people in this state speak the Telugu Language.

Batik painting, from dollsofindia

Life at Telangana

With a total of 70% of the Hindu population, people here are friendly and live with peace and harmony. Popular for western attire, the most common apparel of women is a saree along with Langa Voni, salwar kameez, and churidar. On the other hand, men wear Dhoti, sherwani and kurta pyjama. 

Flavours of the state

If you are a true biryani lover, Hyderabadi biryani, Bidar Kalyani Biryani and other specialities of Biryanis are sure to make you fall in love. Tamarind, red chillies, dry coconut, and mixed spices are very common in every Telangana dish. 

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