jade plant home

Evergreen Jade Benefits for your Spiritual side

Symbol of good luck and prosperity, Jade Plant is an excellent addition to your home decor. Discover the benefits of adding the succulent plants to your garden. Plants are a terrific way to decorate your home. We all aspire to live a life of prosperity and abundance, and the succulent Jade plant is just the ... Read more

salt benefits for you

Salt healing home decor and interiors – Try the salt therapy benefits

Here is a guide to using salt home décor ideas for salt healing therapy. Ayurveda, Feng Shui and Vastu use salt for a range of spiritual benefits – How about you? The use of salt in seasoning and preserving food is well-known worldwide, as is its use in spiritual and religious traditions for generations. Salt ... Read more

mushrooms at home

Magical Mushrooms Plants for a healing home therapy

Boost positivity and stay healthy with magical mushroom plants at home-Discover Feng Shui and Vastu benefits of mushrooms Plants are a great way to decorate your home, and to top it, mushroom plants are a blessing for your health and self healing. Little known as a fungi type of plant, the mushrooms hold many magical ... Read more


Dreamcatcher benefits for your lucky home

Using a dreamcatcher invites positive vibes into your home-Explore our guide on the benefits of dreamcatchers as a home décor item. Dreams are an essential part of us, reflecting our inner thoughts and well-being. They show how our intuitive minds work and help us understand our feelings and memories. From a rational standpoint, dreams convey ... Read more

ramadan activities for kids

Easy and fun Ramadan activities for kids

Sharing many Ramadan activities for kids and family – Come together with your loved ones to celebrate the blessed days at home. Ramadan Mubarak. It is the time for self-reflection, charity and spiritual growth. One of the greatest blessings of this month is that we take out time for our children, something we don’t generally ... Read more

navratri as per ayurveda

Ayurveda for Navratri Decoration Ideas

Discover Ayurveda home decor ideas for Navratri to celebrate the nine festival days- Boost spiritual harmony and positive vibes in your home Navratri – the nine auspicious days are one of the most awaited times. Religiously it signifies the victory of good over evil. It is celebrated all over India in various forms and holds ... Read more

number 3

Number 3 Numerology at your home – Benefits and challenges

Discover the influence of numerology number 3 – All about number 3 house and how to make your home lucky with power of numerology numbers. Are you aware numerology is quite similar to Vaastu Shastra? Yes, it is accurate and if you are planning to buy a house, then remember numerology also plays an important ... Read more

number 1 numerology

Number 1 Numerology home – Benefits and difficulties of Number 1 house

Discover Number 1 numerology for you and your home – Explore benefits, challenges and influences of Numerology Number 1 house To lead a prosperous and successful life, we all look for a vaastu friendly home. But, have you ever thought of numerology while buying a house? I’m sure you know what numerology is and what ... Read more


Baisakhi festival decorations for your home – Let’s Celebrate Vaisakhi

Best of Baisakhi festival celebrations and decorations for your home – Find out the story of Baisakhi, the rituals and traditions for your place. It’s Baisakhi time!! You know Baisakhi is the most celebrated festival for the people of Punjab, but do you know why? People of Punjab and Haryana celebrate this harvest festival with ... Read more

number 5 numerology

Number 5 numerology for your home – All about life at house Number 5

Best of Number 5 in Numerology for home – Discover if house number 5 is lucky or not, it’s influence in your house, lifestyle, the challenges and benefits Today, let us talk about number 5 numerology and its key features – for your home. In our world, we all wish to live a happy and ... Read more

numerology number 4

Numerology Number 4 in your home – Discover the number 4 luck

Numerology 4 house with the benefits, the challenges and lifestyle impacts – Discover how the number 4 is changing your life at home every day. You know every house comes with an address, yours too has one. And most likely your address contains some numbers along with a name. Now, the house number brings influence ... Read more

ram navami

Ram Navami decorations for your home – Discover the best of Navratri

Best of Navratri decorations for Ram Navami – Find the essential Navratri items and ideas to celebrate the festival at your home Navratris are coming, and we wish you an auspicious Ram Navami celebrations. You know, Ram Navami marks the birthday of Lord Shri Ramachandra – so in a way, the festival is a grand ... Read more

lucky number 7

Number 7 numerology in your home – Are you ready for the power of 7

Best benefits of Number 7 and the toughest challenges of lifepath 7 -Is your numerology number 7, Are you finding interest in spirituality, keep reading to discover more about yourself Do you know how every major event in your life is a doing of numerology? Numerology holds an essential position in everyone’s lives. Many things ... Read more

number 6 numerology

Number 6 numerology for your home – Find the benefits and challenges

Numerology of Number 6 for your home lifestyle – Discover if Number 6 house suits you, know the right influence and harmful impacts of life path number 6 Numerology number 6 is famous as the luckiest – especially when you are looking forward to starting a happy life with your family. To make a total ... Read more

holi ideas

Holi decoration for your home-Best of décor ideas for Holi festival day

Best of Holi decor wishes for your home – Discover colourful Holi decoration ideas for Holi festival with your family and friends Do you like Holi? Holi is the festival of colours splashing, the start of summers and a season full of fun and joy. Traditionally, the day of Holi is fantastic to celebrate. It ... Read more


Mahashivratri celebration – Celebrate Lord Shiva’s festival at your home

Mahashivratri – the most sacred and auspicious festival that celebrates Lord Shiva. Discover the glorious day and how to celebrate it at home Mahashivratri – “The great night of Lord Shiva” is here. First, on this sacred Hindu festival, do accept Mahashivratri wishes from us – may you be blessed with auspiciousness at your home ... Read more


Numbers of numerology matter at home – Improve your everyday living

Numerology of numbers matters – for your name, house number and also your home’s nameplate – Discover why numerology is essential and how to benefit from the power of numbers Have you watched the early morning television shows? If yes, then you must have spotted many programs on numerology. Famous experts of numerology discuss the ... Read more


Lohri festival decoration ideas – Let’s prepare for Lohri celebrations

Lohri festival decoration ideas for your home – Festival of Lohri is not only about sharing Lohri wishes and Lohri songs. Let’s decorate for a Lohri party at your home.  Happy Lohri wishes to you and your family. As the festival of Lohri comes, it marks the beginning of celebrations with family and friends. When ... Read more

numerology nameplate

Numerology Calculator makes your home lucky

Find the lucky name for your home with Numerology calculator – Discover the energies residing at your home are suitable for you or not Home is one of the significant elements of our life. And why not, our home is our place to be. It gives us shelter, security, and a sense of belongingness. It’s ... Read more

surajkund mela 2020

Get to the Surajkund Mela to shop from the best Craft Mela

Surajkund craft mela is a shopping hub for home decor – Discover why to go, what to buy, which crafts are available, the Theme state and more Before I introduce one of the most massive Craft Melas in India, let me ask you something. Are you a collector of artistically crafted home decor items? Do ... Read more