Ayurveda Gunas in Art – Fresh take for your Decor

Apply Ayurveda Gunas to elevate your home decor with a new twist. A unique approach to creating meaningful homes by bringing harmony and balanced energies in your place. Do you know art and decor influences your thoughts, and your experiences of a room? Ayurveda Trigunas of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas are a terrific age-old method ... Read more

ayurveda colours

Colour and Ayurveda- How to use Ayurveda colour therapy at home 

Simplify your daily lives with Ayurveda colour therapy- Let’s explore how to enhance your living space with the energy of colours. Colours are vital in our lives since they influence our senses, personalities, and emotions. Additionally, colours also have an impact on how we behave. They have a substantial effect on our minds and body. ... Read more


Shibori prints and patterns for home decor

Discover the joy of Shibori prints and patterns décor – Give your home a classy vibe with simple Shibori print decor items Are you looking to upgrade your home décor with a pop of fresh vibe – try Shibori art prints and patterns. Coming from traditional Japan’s craft culture, Shibori is a celebrated art form. The ... Read more

gujarat art

Gujarat Crafts of India – Home Decor Handicraft Ideas

Discover Best Handicrafts of India from Gujarat crafts- Explore Navratri Home decoration ideas with ideas for Durga Mata ni Pachedi illustrations, Bandhani, Namada, Lippan art  Navratri, Garba, and Gujarat’s crafts come together for an awesome and exciting season of festivities at home. That’s one great reason to refresh your place with home decor items and ... Read more

crafts india bihar

Crafts of India – Best of Bihar Handicrafts for home decor

Bihar handicrafts for your home – Discover the beautiful Bihari folk art and handmade crafts to for traditional ethnic home decor Do you know, most people in Bihar are agriculturists and professional artisans? Yes, the excellence of Biharis in art and crafts have gained popularity all over the world. You may be aware, Bihar offers ... Read more

Telangana paintings

Telangana crafts for home decor – Discover Best handicrafts of Telangana

Best Crafts of India for your home décor – Discover art and crafts of Telangana from Vijaywada, Naryanapet Handlooms, Dokra crafts, Batik Paintings for room decor Being home to several arts and crafts, Telangana is an excellent fusion of the Persian and Telugu cultures. Offering many astounding works of Indian handicrafts,  Telangana brings you unique silver work, ... Read more

haryana crafts

Crafts of India – Haryana handicrafts for your home

Best of Haryana handicrafts for your home – Discover beautiful home items like Surahi, Peetal, Charpoi, Phulkari Have you heard of the north Indian state of Haryana? It’s the home of India’s millennium city Gurugram or Gurgaon. But that’s not all -Haryana offers much more, besides the youthful MNC culture. You see, Haryana is a ... Read more

terracotta craft india

Terracotta craft – the Best thing for your home decor

Discover Indian handicrafts of Terracotta – Benefits of Earthenware, popular uses, home decor ideas with terracotta craft items and pottery Surely you have seen Terracotta craft items – the baked reddish-brown earthenware. Do you know this humble-looking clay pottery is a regular home item since centuries? Yes, terracotta items originated around 5000 years ago. This ... Read more

goa handicrafts

Goa handicrafts and décor for your home – Decor with Goa coastal crafts

Best picks from Goa handicrafts for your home – Discover a treasure of the Goan crafts of India, Home decor with Coconut Mask Carving, Sea Shell Craft, macrame and more I am sure we all have heard of Goa at least once or maybe several times. What makes Goa so unique and a favourite tourist ... Read more

madhubani art

Madhubani paintings for your home – Best wall decor idea

Madhubani paintings as a home decor idea- Explore all about the popular Madhubani art from India for wall decoration, room decor, Find origin and styles of Madhubani art Looking for a classy and royal decor for your home – choose the Madhubani paintings. You see, there is nothing like the joy of seeing a colourful ... Read more

india crafts

Crafts of Delhi for your home – Decorate with Delhi crafts

Best crafts of India from the capital city of New Delhi – Style your home with the royal culture of Delhi craft items like Zari zardozi, blue pottery, Nakkashi. Do you know the best thing about Delhi – you don’t have to visit the museums to take a look at its local art and crafts. ... Read more

maharashtra ajanta

Maharashtra crafts for your home – Best of Maharashtrian handicrafts

Home decor ideas with Maharashtra crafts of India from Mumbai, Pune, Kohlapur, and around – Discover handicrafts of Ambadi sisal craft, Warli Painting, Paithani Paintings  Surely, you know of Maharashtra crafts. As the third-largest state of India, Maharashtra is known for its diverse and vibrant culture. Mumbai and Pune are the famous cities of Maharashtra. ... Read more

cloud sky painting acrylic

Acrylic paintings to float you into a cloud of dreams

Best of acrylic paintings of sky and clouds – Decorate your home interiors with a magical feel of cloud and sky paintings, it’s the best wall décor ideas for your home. Do you know one of the best wall décor ideas for your home? It is a sky painting. Do you see the sky paintings ... Read more

warli painting

Warli painting art for you – Discover Warli decor from India’s craft

Best of Warli paintings for your home décor – Explore Warli art, where it comes from and how to décor Warli painting ideas on a wall. Are you deciding a theme for your home decor? Do you want to fix the existing decor? You must surely take a look at Warli painting art – for ... Read more

oil painting

Wildlife oil painting – Breath-taking good, unbelievably Realistic

Best in oil painting artistry for you–Bring hyper-realistic paintings of wildlife to your home, meet the artist of the impressive oil on canvas collection Do you feel alone at home? Are you finding your house to be too empty, the walls to be too bare? Don’t worry. Everybody gets a ‘stuck in the same home’ ... Read more

bangalore furniture

Bangalore’s handicraft furniture – Your best furniture for living room

Top selection of Karantaka’s crafts – Bangalore’s handicraft offers top quality furniture for your living room, with high style and remarkable beauty Bangalore’s handicraft is a treasure of furniture for your living room. India’s Silicon Valley is well known for the state of the art tech, and you know that. Today, let’s see a little ... Read more

support workers donate

Corona Lockdown – You can help the crisis with Art

Corona Lockdown is a challenging crisis that faces us all – You can aid our support workers through Art, right here – Find out how Most of us are coping with the national lockdown due to the Corona spread. Admittedly, this is a very challenging situation on many counts. While you and I are staying ... Read more

resin decor

Mixed colours of resin – Make your place a Luxury home with resin art

Best of mixed media in colourful resin art – Discover Mixed colours of resin for wall décor with resin paintings, decorate with nature-inspired abstract art in canvas paintings Are you feeling bored at your home – no worries. We are sharing one of the most exciting artwork right here. Check out the mixed colours of ... Read more

karnataka handicrafts

Karnataka handicrafts for your home – Best Crafts at India’s silicon valley

Best selections of Karnataka handicrafts to decorate your home – Explore traditional home décor items with Indian craft works from in and around Bangalore  Karnataka handicrafts are simply stunning. Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley, is world-famous for tech-offering. But, don’t mistake here, the crafts of Karnataka are worth your time. You see, Karnataka is well known ... Read more

painting on wall

Before buying Paintings for walls of your home, Spot the Best style here

Top selection of paintings for walls – Explore the types of paintings, choose the Best paintings for home walls as per style, technique, and genre. Paintings for walls is a fantastic and affordable way to bring colour to your home decor style. They can enhance the beauty and bring a “wow factor”, to your place. ... Read more

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