seven horses vastu

Vastu-approved Paintings for Good luck in life 

Paintings are a great way to add positivity to your home décor. Not just that, did you know that Vastu paintings are beyond a décor element in your home? It is a gateway to attract wellness and wealth. Ask yourself a simple question: why do you want to redecorate your home? The answer is simple: ... Read more

houseplants indoor vastu

Vastu houseplants for you – Usher prosperity in a green way!  

Explore how Vastu houseplants can balance energies to boost positivity and luck at home – Discover which Vastu plant is best for you.   A little green corner in our homes is always a good idea. You can never go wrong by adding a few garden greens, such as some vibrant forest plants or the calming ... Read more

vastu tips

Vastu Pooja Room for your home – Find Top Vastu Tips

Best Vastu Tips for Pooja Room at your home in flats, apartments and bungalows – Explore Vastu dosh in Pooja Room design pooja room items  Pooja room is the place with maximum positive energy at home. It is essential to keep this place neat and tidy. However, do not forget the importance of Vastu shastra ... Read more

vastu for pets

Vastu for Pets – How to do Vastu for your pet at home

Best Vastu tips for your pet – Discover all about Vastu for pets animals – Explore which pet is good for home as per vastu – a rabbit, a dog ro a cat. Bring positivity, make your home lucky with a Vastu pet Are you a pet parent? Or, maybe you are thinking if keeping ... Read more

dining vastu

Dining Vastu tips – How to do Vastu for dining room

Best Vastu tips for dining room décor – Explore Dining Vastu Shastra for home interiors, how to clear Dining room Vastu dosh and make your home lucky and happy. Surely, you know the phrase – “A family that eats together stays together” For a family, dining is the area to sit together and to share ... Read more

bedroom vastu dosh

Bedroom Vastu dosh and remedies – Make your home auspicious

Vastu tips for your bedroom – How to correct Vastu dosh in a bedroom with step-wise simple Vastu remedies  Can I ask you something personal – do you sleep well at night? Or, do you feel tired, or sense a lack of peace? At times, some of us feel scared or experience negative vibes. Don’t ... Read more

lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo plant – Best Feng Shui plant decor for home

How to choose the suitable Lucky bamboo plant for your home – Boost good Feng Shui and positive chi, Discover all about the Lucky Bamboo Feng Shui Plant.  Lucky Bamboo Plant is one of those Feng Shui objects that brings in the maximum peace and prosperity into your home and your life. You know the ... Read more

main door vastu

Main door Vastu for your home – Make your home lucky

How to make your home with Main door Vastu – Find simple and easy DIY Vastu tips for your home’s entrance door with right Direction, Location, colours and Vastu dosh remedies. Your home’s Main door Vastu is way too important to ignore. You see, as per Vastu Shastra, the home’s entrance door holds considerable significance, ... Read more

bathroom feng shui tips

Bathroom Feng Shui for your home – Make your home lucky now.

Best Bathroom Feng Shui tips for your home – How to boost good Bathroom Feng shui with simple DIYs of layout, location and décor  Everyone knows Feng Shui is one of the most effective ways to bring a balance of energies inside the home or office, and in your life. You see, a Feng Shui ... Read more

vastu shastra bedroom

Vastu for bedroom at your home – Explore bedroom Vastu tips

Top tips of Vastu for bedroom – Find Bedroom Vastu tips for master bedroom, furniture, North west bedroom Vastu for couples with Vastu dosh remedies Do you know how your for bedroom plays a significant role in your life? You see, when things are not according to Vastu Shastra, even a minor issue can end ... Read more

kitchen vastu tips

Kitchen Vastu remedies to remove Vastu dosh at home

Best Kitchen Vastu remedies for your home – Remove Vastu dosh with simple Kitchen Vastu tips for Northeast Kitchen, south west kitchen and more. Kitchen Vastu remedies are a need of every household. You see, the kitchen is an essential part of your home. You spend maximum time there preparing meals, having food and enjoying ... Read more

kitchen vastu shastra

Kitchen Vastu for your home

Just for once, try designing your house as per Kitchen Vastu, and thank yourself later. A kitchen by vastu rules is known to boost the auspiciousness in your home. And as Vastu shastra is rooted in Indian culture; today’s modern kitchen vastu tips bring your lifestyle closer to our traditional values. So are you ready ... Read more

horse oil painting

Vastu Paintings Guide – Vastu good luck paintings for home

Vastu paintings for your wall decor – Make your home lucky with Paintings for home walls – Vastu Paintings for living room, bedroom, west wall Do you know this – as per Vastu, paintings for home walls is the most attractive way to invite peace and happiness into your life? You see, different wall paintings ... Read more

vastu compass

Use a Vastu compass for positive home décor

Vastu Compass is a device that helps you check the position of your furniture and other artworks. Based on the signs, you can make the necessary shifting and make your home vastu compliant. Picked for you: Enjoy health and wealth with these DIY Vastu for homes Furniture is an essential addition to our home. It ... Read more

vastu tips

DIY Vastu for homes – Vastu tips for health and wealth

Although Vastu for homes was developed several centuries ago, it is as practical and relevant in modern times of today. Vastu shastra is the science of attaining peace, happiness and prosperity.  We need to follow certain vastu guidelines to have a peaceful home ambience. For homes, Vastu is basically about balancing all the five elements, i.e., air, sky, ... Read more

diy vastu feature

DIY vastu tips – Vastu Shastra for a lucky home

Imagine living in a home filled with lots of positive energies, and there is absolute peace among the people living in it. You see, to enjoy a happy life with family, it is essential to consider vastu for home plan. Popular pick: Essential DIY vastu tips for a happy home If you wish to experience ... Read more

vastu tips happy home

Vastu for home – DIY vastu tips for a happy home

Do you know the benefits of employing vastu tips at home? A home that strictly adheres to a set of vastu principles invites immense happiness in your home. Besides, a positive lifestyle and praying, one thing that attracts peace in your life is to follow vastu tips in your home. I am sure you are aware that ... Read more