Vastu-approved Paintings for Good luck in life 

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Paintings are a great way to add positivity to your home décor. Not just that, did you know that Vastu paintings are beyond a décor element in your home? It is a gateway to attract wellness and wealth. Ask yourself a simple question: why do you want to redecorate your home? The answer is simple: to elevate your home’s energy and attract good vibes. Right! 

Before we discuss Vastu paintings in this article, let’s understand Vastu. Vastu technically means “Home,”and Shastra means “Science.” So Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that dates back 1000 years and is about balancing the energies of our Universe to bring harmony into space.  

Your home is a haven of serenity and happiness where you are at ease. We recommend using Vastu concepts to make your home more peaceful and thriving. Paintings serve a purpose for more than just looking appealing. Based on Vastu principles, the direction, color, and setting of the room can affect the selection of the painting. These elements affect the flow of energy in the room. We are sharing a quick list of the must-have Vastu art to ensure love, peace, prosperity, strength, and mindfulness at your home. 

Vastu Paintings for Good luck

As per Vastu, good luck paintings manifest positive energies that benefit various aspects of your life. They can unlock great opportunities in your personal or professional life. Simply put, Vastu’s good luck paintings invoke peace and prosperity in your surroundings. So, read on as this blog explores some common Vastu artworks you can bring home for good luck.

Inviting Prosperity

We all want to prosper and live abundant lives. Vastu paintings attract prosperity by harmonizing the energy flow in a given space. Let’s discuss a few paintings that you can bring home to invite prosperity.

The Lucky Seven Horses – Fame and Prosperity

One of the most revered paintings is the painting of seven horses. Seven is the number of luck, and the horse symbolises peace, strength, success, and perseverance. Place these marvellous paintings on the south wall for fame and success, on the east for career growth, and on the north for prosperity.

North Wall painting for Prosperity
South wall painting for Fame

Landscapes with Flowing Water – Career boost

Decorating your walls with paintings of flowing water with landscape ensures a smooth flow of finances as water is the basic and crucial element. As per Vastu, flowing water or river depicts the flow of wealth. Place this painting on your northeast walls to boost your career.

vastu painting waterfall
North East placement
waterfall painting vastu
North wall placement

Peace and Harmony

One of the reasons we all take so much time and pick things very carefully for our homes is because we want peace and calmness in our surroundings and our homes. The Vastu paintings that evoke peace and harmony in the living space are:

Nature Scenes

Vastu Shastra recommends adorning your walls with bright, colorful paintings that depict nature, as they evoke positivity around you. Try a beautiful, lush green forest with birds and the sun shining on your home walls. Place them on the north side of your home wall. These good luck paintings promote growth, development, and a sense of calmness.

vastu art green forest
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vastu painting for calmness
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Floral Paintings

Paintings of beautiful, colorful flowers in a vase or garden are a treat to the eyes. As soon as you look at them, you feel cheerful and vibrant; they attract positive energy instantly. Use these natural wonders to decorate your home and make your surroundings lively. Please put them in the southwest corner of your house.

Strength and Stability

Courage and stability are key factors in achieving greatness in life. If you are simultaneously looking for motivation and ambition, consider having these paintings in your home.

Mountain Landscapes

Mountains represent firmness, grounding, and stability. If you are going through tough times and want to look up to courage and support, place mountain landscape paintings in the South or Southwest direction of your home.

Love and Relationships

Relationships are what make up most of our lives. When our relationships are strong and our lives are full of love, happiness flows easily, and we feel abundant. Love within a family manifests in different forms, whether it is  between partners, children, or parents. To keep your relationships thriving, consider these.

Couples Paintings

Depending on your comfort level, you can have intimate paintings of couples or subtle ones, like a couple holding hands and forming a heart that exudes the warmth of a relationship.

On the other hand, if you are spiritually inclined, look for Radha Krishna paintings or other depictions, as they promote love, companionship, and harmony. The wall facing Southwest is the best place to hang these.

Wellbeing and Mindfulness

In today’s chaotic world, where everyone is chasing something or the other, it is important to be present in the moment. Being mindful of your innate self is the key to overall well-being. 

Meditating Buddha

Adding a painting of Zen himself to your home can bring a sense of peace and mindfulness. The image of Gautama Buddha meditating gives a feeling of peace, calm, and deep understanding. For the best placement, hang these on your home’s east, north, or northeast wall.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture that uses the five elements to establish harmony in a living space. Vastu paintings are one of the easiest ways to integrate balance into your life. Whether you want to improve your relationship or attract abundance, Vastu paintings positively impact the overall quality of your life. 

To know more about Vastu paintings, refer to detailed guidelines in our dedicated article – Vastu paintings for home.