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Earth day celebration ideas for your home

Earth day is here; let’s show some love to our planet Earth. After all, Earth is our little blue spot of a home in the vast universe. It’s worth every bit of celebration, every single day. Fact is that we have not been at our best behaviour when it comes to the crucial environmental issues, but it’s never too late to start. Here, we have a few simple hassle-free tips for celebrating Earth Day, right at your home.

Pledge to plant

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Once upon a time, plants were the only life form inhabiting our planet Earth, before we came around to call it home. So, in a way, plants are sort of ancestors to us. And over the many years of our existence, we have cultured many unique ways to endear them. Gardening, or urban gardening, is one of the current up and coming cultures. And there is no better place to start than your own home. Earth day is a fitting date to pledge to plant every season, make your little garden in the balcony or on your window sill. You can also commit to creating a community garden within your society. Not only it is an engaging hobby, but it is also literally fruitful in the long run.

Refresh and reuse

Earth day alert: everything that comes into your home has a carbon footprint. Everything you see, use or decorate in your home has already taken from our Earth, and it has also unfortunately hurt the environment. Don’t feel guilty, you and I both were unaware of the environmental facts before. Today, Earth day is the time to make amends. Next time you step out on your shopping spree, you have two extra things to do apart from browsing the stores to choose your pick. Observe and ask about the item you are about to buy. Think how far has it travelled to reach in your hands; how many hours of electricity did it take to be made. Preferring local produce is the new way to go global.

Most importantly, forward think a little to imagine the various uses and reuses the product can have. Ask what will happen to the packaging once you will throw it away. Is it biodegradable or not. Managing waste makes us more aware of our daily habits and hazards, and it is simply done by bringing in two extra bins. The idea here is to reduce the amount of carbon we create, by buying and discarding products. Sorting your garbage waste is also another way to reduce the harm we cause on a daily basis.

Control the hazards

Do you know that every room in your home has at least a few potential environmental risks? I may sound surprising to you, but shopping at the typical home stores isn’t great for our mother Earth. Common everyday items such as food packing foil, or straws or garbage bags hurt our environment. Now, many of these items are essential to run a household, sometimes for hygiene and other times for utility. Thankfully, many of our daily household products are now available in biodegradable or environment loving versions. Paper straws or green garbage bags are a few favourite examples to start supporting. A good tip is to choose natural materials such as jute, bamboo, paper which are more gentle on our planet’s water, soil and the life living in it. Using earthenware instead of plastic is another way to express your love for our Earth.

You see caring for our Earth is an ongoing activity, Earth day celebration is an excellent way to begin. Let’s make our planet more green and healthy, starting from our own home.
Have a genuinely fantastic Earth Day!

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