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5 tricks to make your room cooler this summer

Making your room cooler during Indian summer is not rocket science, and neither is it about browsing the air cooler price list. It is about following simple, age-old wisdom.

Are you looking for the best air cooler in India, and have been taken aback by the usual desert cooler prices? Sweat not, as we have found some age-old wisdom for you to beat the summer heat at your home today.

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Trick#1   Air it out

Let ‘s me start with a simple question – What is a room cooler? Apart from being an odd-looking item, it is basically a machine that ventilates your room with cooler, moist air. Now, summer days are as dreadful as ever, but the mornings and nights are sorts of relief. As the sun vanishes, the temperatures drop, and drift of more refreshing breeze comes by. It is like nature has switched on its very own room cooler. So, all you have to do it throw open your home’s doors and windows, every morning and evening. Once you invite the cool summer breeze in your rooms, it will leave with the sun’s heat that has collected itself through the day. Ventilation is an important principle used in the planning of traditional havelis and palaces; you know they never had an amazon.in to buy voltas or a bajaj room cooler.

Trick#2 Lay open water in vessels

Another handy trick is to use water for cooling down the high temperatures. During the summer weather, everything gets as dry as a bone, thanks to the sun’s heat. We can use this to our advantage. Summer air feels hot because it is dry, and a room cooler feels comfortable as it actively makes the dry air moist. A passive way of doing the same is by putting out open vessels filled with water across your home. As the day passes, the rising temperatures make the water evaporate into the air, making it moist and fresh. Yes, it is a slow yet substantial way to maintain your room at colder temperatures. Try it to believe it; thank me later.

Trick#3 Spread wet terracotta under the sun

Most of our apartment homes have balconies facing the direct sun. If your home has such a balcony that receives the wrath of heat during peak summer days, then you know the rooms adjacent to these balconies are practically inhabitable- they are hot like your kitchen tawa during meal times. So here, our problem is not only to make the room cooler; it is first to stop or instead block the direct heat coming from the balconies. Thankfully that is simple to do. All you need is some terracotta pots from your local potter shop and water. Place these earthen pots in an inverted position on your balcony floor, and soak them wet every morning. As the sunlight fall on these, the air around becomes cooler. Your very hot balcony is now a barrier to the hot sun, and the adjacent rooms are more relaxed than before.

Trick#4 Hideaway from the sun

It’s no secret now that the summer sun is the culprit causing us great deals of discomfort. So, you and I will be better off hiding away from the sun. My point here is that maximum heat is felt under the direct sun, and shade is one of the best ways to ensure our sanity and vanity on those difficult sunny days. Roller blinds, bamboo chiks, UV block curtains, shade net or reflective canopies and glass tints – everything is an option to block off the harsh sun.

Trick#5  Clean up and organise

Before you wrap your place up in sunscreen curtains and under hide away canopies, remember to dust off the dirt, and to pest out the bugs. Although, keeping open water vessels and soaked earthen pots are excellent ideas to make your room cooler; however, it is essential to take note of their side effects. Without the bright sunlight, your home is now cooler. So, it is also an excellent hideaway spot for the pests such as crickets and lizards. And dust and dirt is just a tag-along guest in any well-ventilated house. It is important to clean and organise your room and furniture regularly; keep the corners free and open. Make sure hygiene is not compromised in the quest to beat the summer weather.

If you saw a heat wave,

would you wave back

Steven Wright

Roomfruit suggests you do wave back; but before you do, pick one – passive tricks or active cooling or both.

In the end,

I need to emphasise that the passive cooling methods I shared are wonderfully effective, but only when used together. With all due respect towards the age-old cooling techniques, you may or may not need a room cooler. The best of the air coolers in India is an active way to bring down the hot temperatures; the tricks we shared are passive ways to a cooler room. You can use either, or choose to blend all of them together. It all depends on how hot you are feeling this summer.

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