Pooja room ideas for modern Indian homes

Pooja room ideas are about your respect and devotion to God. For pooja room designs, you and your family may have preferences of size, location and style. You see, Pooja rooms are about connecting with your God; it is a personal matter. Pooja is a sacred ritual for every Indian household. The interior design for a pooja room or wall or even a unit must be inspiring for you and your family.

Modern pooja room designs today are much evolved from the traditional pooja rooms as per vastu. Nowadays, most Indian homes are in flats or apartments. Latest pooja room designs are made to fit the modern Indian lifestyle of a flat or apartment home. Let’s have a look at the befitting pooja room designs in apartments.

#1 Pooja room wall units

Pooja room wall units secure your precious floor area. As the pooja wall unit suspends itself on the wall surface, the entire floor area is left free for you to use otherwise. This kind is best for devotees who prefer to worship in a standing position. Also, due to light weight and modest size, this style allows flexibility of height and location. You can place the unit in any room, or a balcony and at any height; and any number of times. In case you have one entire wall dedicated to your worship, I have a few wonderful pooja room ideas for you. Go for many pooja room wall units, not just one. You see, one wall unit may look a little lonely. But a designed arrangement of colourful pooja room wall units will look lovely and inspiring. Give it a try.

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#2 Small Pooja cabinet designs

As you are reading this post on pooja room ideas, I am sure you enjoy your time spent in the Pooja room. Many of our rituals at Indian homes, like Aarti and havan, may require us to sit down. Small pooja cabinet designs are made precisely for this purpose. These cabinets are like a little cupboard for your pooja ghar.

#3 Pooja room decoration

For me, design and décor always go hand in hand. Decorating is an art that is to practice with love and devotion. Your Pooja room decoration like an ode to your beloved God’s well-being. Tilak puja thali, Diya, Chowki and gota – all are these are little ways to make your pooja room more divine. So don’t hold back, indulge yourself into pooja room decor items. In Indian homes, there is always a festival around the corner that brings fresh new pooja room ideas.

Decorating is not about making stage sets; it’s not about making pretty pictures for the magazines; it’s really about creating a quality of life, a beauty that nourishes the soul.

Albert Hadley

Now that we listed your options here start creating your pooja ghar design now. Pooja room ideas for small flats and large homes are plenty; all you need is respect and devotion to build and decorate your God’s new home.

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