Puja room decoration ideas for your home

A perfect way to rejoice and strengthen your devotion towards God is through Pooja room designs.

So, just for you, we collected some pooja room ideas. For me, worshipping is the simple act of surrendering into God’s will. It is a very pure and personal act; and therefore, it deserves a special space in your home and your heart.

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Announce your Pooja room

Celebrate your devotion by decorating the mandir or Pooja room with a festive décor style. Use few ideas like a traditional double panel door in Sheesham or teak wood; a brass bell at the entry, and brightly decorated walls in wood or colours such as red or yellow. Make your temple shine out its holy spirit.

Create a ‘Garbh griha’

Traditional temples are made as per Vastu principles and rules. Pooja room designs as per Vastu shastra should consists of two rooms – the garbha griha where a murti or an idol is placed; and the mandap or porch from where prayers can be offered. Simply put, your Pooja room design should have two clearly marked and significantly separate zones. The inner area is where your lord’s idol is to be placed; while the area in front of it is to be occupied by you.

Pooja room design as per vastu
Pooja room design as per Vastu

Light up your pooja room designs

Light is the miracle from the last century that makes everything shine in its beauty. Also, it is said that worship is a way to see the world in light of God. Now, these are two excellent reasons to add some lighting effects to your Pooja room designs.

Make room for more

Your Pooja room is the place to connect with your almighty. Now worshipping is one way to reach your god, but not the only way. Meditation, reading of holy scriptures and singing are few of many ways we remember our god. Pooja room designs should provide for all the ways you pray.

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Smart pooja room designs

Smart technology offers solutions for almost everything, even your temple.  Electric diyas for aarti, decorative lights and autoplay for morning bhajans are just a few of the many tech-enabled options. Today a smart app can manage your everyday puja rituals, so you can completely devote yourself in prayer. Now that’s a real celebration of your temple at home.

From apartments to large bungalows, every Hindu household establishes a temple at the most auspicious location. It is essential to maintain positive energies in your temple, celebrating its presence with décor and design is an excellent way of doing that. Enhance your Pooja room design now.

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