Tips to buy a dining table

I promise you will find our tips to buy a dining table very handy, and your home décor will thank you for knowing these pointers beforehand. You must have heard the saying that the fondest memories are made when gathered around the dining table. You see a dining table is not just another furniture in your home. It is a place where families and friends gather, eat, laugh and bond. So naturally, it has to be comfortable and welcoming. Interior design basics offer us with some essential tips to buy a dining table.

Strong table top

The best material for dining table top is a strong one. Be it stone, wood or glass; you have to ensure the actual material used is of superior quality. Your dining table top is the most used surface of this furniture; it should be able to withstand all the wear and tear of food, drinks and the clean up after a big hearty meal. Most tips to buy dining table top suggest using a high-quality granite, or a well-seasoned teakwood, or a toughened laminate glass.

Sturdy, comfortable chairs

Let me explain a little about the relationship shared by your dining table and its chairs. It is sturdy and straight. Aesthetically, the dining table is like the stage while chairs are the actors who perform on the scene. Practically, chairs are about the comfort needed to support the utility of the dining table. A sturdy, comfortable chair next to your dining table is the mark of a household that eats together.

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Now, it is only common sense to use the best type of wood for dining table chairs. Wood has a way to age with grace; it surrenders to the comfort of its user. You see wood grows and moulds itself to suit your convenience. Note this as one of the essential tips to buy dining table chairs-  wood chairs are the most long-lasting and comforting option.

Glass vs Wood dining table top

You must have heard of the disadvantages of a glass dining table. Few of the common ones are scratch prone, cracks under hot pots and also expensive to buy. On the other hand, there are down points for a wood top table such as extensive, high maintenance and traditional look. In our opinion, both materials are great options for your dining table. You see, both have some cons, but they both also have some excellent décor benefits. Glass offers a delicacy and sleek look to otherwise bulky furniture. Wood top brings a charming warmth to your décor style. So, from all the tips to buy a dining table, the most worthy one is to consider your home décor style. A modern glass table top in a vintage or vernacular or cottage style décor will not be the best pick.

Finishing the dining table set

When buying a dining table set, you may have wondered – how to choose the dining table colour, or which finish is better – metallic or matt. My answer to this is simple – find the most long-lasting finish. Dining tables are overused busy furniture pieces, and they tend to stay in your home for a few many years. Now, a long lasting superior quality finish will relieve you from frequent maintenance. For wooden tables with varnish, a PU or epoxy coating is a must.

Here are my four tips to buy a dining table for your home. Do remember to tick them off before you choose to purchase a dining table chair set. Wish you happy family meals ahead.

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