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This post on Home décor ideas is all you need. Truth be told, ee all are emotional beings, and truth be told, we like to get teased once in a while. Won’t you agree?

Let me say to you; home décor is a poetic way to tease your emotive side. For the few of us who love home décor; the experience of stepping into a well-designed, thought-after home is as exciting as watching live Broadway theatre or being an audience to the very first show of a new movie.

Home is an experience, for you and all the friends and family you choose to invite. Home is the place where the theatre of your life is performed, so make it interesting; create it like an adventure. Here are few of my favorite home decor ideas that never fail to feed our emotional side.

Art as home decor

Art is what makes one look again, stare at it and think further about it. Most importantly, art is something which you remember, even days after. We recognise art because it touches us, it pleases or displeases our emotive side. For décor purposes, it is the easiest way to make your home memorable. Hang a piece of framed art on your wall, or place a sculpture on your centre table; or create a mural on your ceiling, wall or floor. Also, doors are an excellent way to introduce art in your home; and just like that, your space can become a place to remember.

Home decor ideas around eating

Food is one thing that defines your home; apart from your comfortable and cosy bed. Think about it. What do you remember when away from home- it’s your bed and the delicious food. You see eating is a sensual activity, which is enjoyed in a communal fashion. Take a note of your favourite restaurant. You will observe that for an enjoyable meal, decor and dining should be seamless. From cutlery to crockery to the actual food served, and the dining room it is served in – everything feeds the feeling called home. The fact about dining is that sometimes it’s messy, and other times it is proper. So, think about the kind of food you enjoy the most; then design your dining and cooking spaces accordingly. This will not only fit in the domestic chores like the hand in a glove but also amuse your décor palette at every meal.

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Surprise element in home decor

A surprise is the best way to kindle some joy. It is said that the best things happen by unexpectedly, by surprise. Stir in some awe in your home living. An expanded headboard, a mirror on the wall, or ceiling to height curtains than reveal a slim and tiny window behind – there are many ways to contest the usual, especially in homes. Grow a seed on your bedside to be amazed at the little-potted miracle of nature every morning.

Fluid home decor ideas

Give up the fixed in your home and add some excitement. All of us know that change is always better, it brings in new positive energies and allows us to start afresh. My point here is to break away the mundane permanency of home. Walls, pillars, furniture- everything is fixed, it is literally immovable property. Fact is that this immovable constant can become boring. Your fix is simple – add something moveable, something active and ever-changing. A flowing water sculpture, or intelligent mood lights, or blooming flowers – such dynamic elements bring a sort of quiet thrill in spaces. Home can be an exciting place, in case you wished for it.

Thank me later, as now it’s time to be adventurous in finding your emotive side with the hand-picked home décor ideas.

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