How to choose your curtain design

Curtain design choice is not an easy job to do. Luckily, there are three ways to select curtains -the fabrics, prints and patterns.

Picking a curtain is a huge commitment. The one curtain you select will literally hang from the top of your head, on your wall – all the time. You are bound to get nervous when out to buy curtains. I am sure you remember those afternoons spent at curtain design gallery looking at fabrics, and later ending the day empty handed and also empty-headed.

Fret no more, because I got two words for you – fabric & prints. Once you catch these two terms, buying curtains will be a cake walk for you. You know, good curtain design is mostly about finding the right look in the most suitable material. For your modern curtain design spree, it’s about finding the right print on the best fabric.

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Let’s start with the easier one first – the Fabrics. Curtains are available in sheer, decorative and blackout cloth types. As the name suggests, each type serves a purpose; it offers a utility value. So, the cloth you choose should be decided more by your need and little for the look. A partition between dining and living area can use sheer fabric, and you can drape the decorative fabric on the living room window. Blackout fabrics let you block every ray of sunlight inside your room, they are an excellent fix for bedroom windows. I strongly recommend them for the late risers, based on my first-hand experience.


Prints are the patterns which you see on your curtain. Typically, they are stripes, squares, nature-inspired or abstract forms. Mostly these are printed or weaved on your curtain fabric. There is another kind of print- the absence of a pattern or solid colour curtains. These follow the colour-block trend of clothing fashion. They are a simple and bold way to create a pause or give a background to the rich or busy home décor choices. But don’t use the solid colour drapes on rooms decorated minimally; it will be like losing your easiest chance to build an awesome décor look.


Now, on to deciding the pattern. This one is the easy bit, refer to your home décor style. You see, patterns are strong statements, and not all prints will fit or enhance your overall décor. Here, once again, I have two words for you – match or contrast. Say you are an art collector and have an opulent traditional Indian looking room with antique wood furniture, vintage rugs, and many other collectables. For your curtains, you have an interesting choice to make. The curtain print can match to your décor – pick a nature-inspired or abstract pattern in rich Indian colour. Or, you can choose a solid colour or stripes to contrast the existing traditional look; this way you can add another focus to your room. Contrast patterns will make your rich décor look even more vibrant.

Guide your curtain design choices with fabric and pattern selection – it is that simple and actually effortless. I promise you will soon become a curtain design addict, shopping for new ones every change of season. Welcome to my side of the drape!

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