Visiting a home improvement store – Here’s your 7-pointer checklist

Home improvement stores are a great weekend binge for most of us. Either for a casual stroll through the store area or innocent window shopping – if you are home obsessed, you will always make time for a quick visit to the home improvement store. But during that visit, there is a chance that you binge shop, for things you may not need or like later. You know retail lighting and setting can get tricky. So, we thought to bring out a checklist for your next visit to the home improvement stores, online or offline. Keep it handy for an enjoyable home shopping experience.

1 Wall décor

From wall art to stickers to mirrors on a wall – there are a plethora of options for you. Framed art is a tremendous way to create a focus or add interest on a blank wall; my suggestion is to select a vivid, bold piece of framed art. Mirrors are fantastic to add depth to your room, bring a spacious feel to narrow spaces or tiny spots. Wall stickers are a popular way to bring in the flamboyance of colours and quirkiness to your home.

2 Home accents

You must have heard the phrase – little things matter the most, and it is particularly true for your home décor. The way you accessorise your home expresses your style mantra more than anything else. The vases, the showpieces, the lamp shades, the wall clock and also your doormat – every small detail is an opportunity to celebrate your home in your unique way. My suggestion here is to pick a style and accordingly choose every individual piece. It is said that consistency is more important than perfection. Be consistent with your chosen style all through your house, or in every room.

3 Utility and storage

Utility is the true criterion of beauty

Max von Stephanitz

Well said; we all know our homes are not only the most comfortable place in the world, but it is also a utility necessary for our daily domestic chores. Now you have to be careful about these chores, as they can trash your home décor into a garbage dump in no time. The most beautiful balcony, but with a wet mop drying is not a pleasant sight or a hygienic one. So when you visit a home improvement store, rush to the utility and storage section to browse the latest clever hacks on offer. Decorative storage bins to hide way mop stand are just a few essentials to maintain your home’s style and elegance.

4 Rugs and curtains

I read somewhere that flooring is the foundation of a beautiful home, all you need is to start with an excellent carpet, and the rest will fall into place. I will say the same for walls and the curtains that sway along them. Rugs and curtains are not a must have for your home improvement store checklist; unless you are looking for a complete décor revamp. Just keep in mind that these two together have a strong influence on the look and feel of your home. So, pick them as a group, all at once.

5 Bedding and bath

Okay, let’s be frank. We all visit the bed and bath section more often than the other categories available at the home improvement store. Fairly enough, new bedsheets and bath towels are incredible upgrades to any home. Our homes feel happier with the awesome new colours, the fragrance of new fabric and also the fresh crispiness of new linen. There is absolutely nothing to dislike here. The twice-a-year visit to bedding and bath takes me to that delightful place with candles, music, bubbles and bliss. I am sure it is the same for you. While you wander in this elegant luxury, do remember the size of your bed – because it’s never easy to fit the wrong size bedsheet on your bed.

6 Décor Electricals

Lastly, let there be light! From Sparkling LEDs, soft mood lights, fancy chandeliers to bespoke floor and wall lamps. Decorative lights are an effortless way to zest up your home in no time. And don’t forget to browse the fans – another way to introduce the high style quotient in your home. With electrical fittings, it is vital to be selective and precise; follow the less is more rule of design here.

7 Garden and patio

Life is never as splendid as it is under a blue sky, with blossoming flowers around you and green grass under your feet. A home improvement store is a place to go for creating a DIY garden in your balcony. Just check the railing length, the floor width and dimension any wall or ceiling areas before heading out for your shopping spree. Select from the pots, the plants, the pretty lantern lights, a watering bowl for birds and most importantly, the carpet grass. You can also choose to have shade net for afternoon siestas, or a barbeque grill for the never-ending night outs.

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Fact is that we love decorating our homes, improving its comfort and making it more picture perfect. After all, it’s our place in this big wide world. Don’t feel shy, or guilty of binge shopping at the big or small home improvement stores near you – just go indulge.

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