Stylish ways to dress up your kitchen countertop

Kitchen countertop is like the crown jewel of your kitchen. To choose a countertop, you got to be creative and conservative at the same time.

Kitchen designs are a tricky task. Many different elements come together in one room. For kitchen interiors, every element is a part of the whole décor and design. And your kitchen countertop is a very significant element. The way you finish the countertop defines the kitchen. It is best to know all your options beforehand.

Granite stone countertop

Granite stone offers counters that are sturdy and the most durable kinds, especially for Indian kitchens. Actually, it is difficult to find anything more suitable for an Indian kitchen’s countertop. With a granite stone fixed, you don’t have to worry about the hot pans, ghee oil tempering and also the colour of herbs and spices.  Black granite is any designer’s top choice, followed by tan brown granite.

Acrylic kitchen countertop

Acrylic profiles provide a soft and subtle look with the strength of marbles. These preformed, factory manufactured pieces are custom fit to your cabinets and are a trendy choice for modular kitchen designs. Here, a quick word of advice is to opt for darker shades such as browns, blues, greens, reds or black. As a counter, lighter shades of acrylic may show oil or turmeric stains.

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Tiles for countertop

Tiles made of ceramic or glass mosaic are an effective and affordable option for you. Not every kitchen is made with a big budget; or with plenty of time. Tiles come with a dual advantage- less on cost, quick in time. Actually, mosaic tiles are a fun way to introduce some colour in your kitchen.

Countertop made from Steel

Steel is the champion of all counters. It is the most durable, weighty, and the most expensive option for your home kitchen. But once you install it, you can readily say goodbye to all sorts of countertop worries. You must have noticed, all hospitality kitchens in restaurants or cafes are made of commercial grade steel. Simply put, steel counters are worth spending if you are looking for high quality, with higher longevity.

Every kitchen design takes a lot of design and décor coordination. To build the perfect cooking spot for you, don’t ignore anything at all; especially not your kitchen countertop where most of the cooking happens.

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