Choose Your Kitchen tiles design here

Your choice of Kitchen tiles design plays an important role in its look and décor.

Kitchens are the inspiring spaces where your culinary skills begin to perform. No doubt, the interior design of these cooking rooms is quite an agenda for anyone who loves to cook delicious meals for their family.

Here, I have a few ways to spice up your kitchen walls.

A.    Ceramic Tiles

Feel spoilt with choices with this option of kitchen tiles design for the walls. Available in wide price ranges and colour, pattern or texture options; tiles are one of the best options for you. Easy to buy, and ready to install – tiles save both time and money. It is a win-win for all.

B.    Glass Tiles

Mirrors on your kitchen wall are a unique way to add depth and interest in your cooking activity. Tell me this, what’s better than appreciating your cooking stances. More seriously, be it mirrors or coloured glass panels, this option is a neat and clean way to finish your kitchen walls. As mirrors are dry cladding on walls, they are also the quickest to fit and finish.

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C.    Stone Tiles

The strong yet sophisticated stone tiles need no introduction. You can choose anything from granites to marbles; every stone celebrates its natural beauty.  The natural look of stone brings a rich and elegant style to the kitchen tiles designs. To top the grains and waves of your selected stone, there are various surface finishes like leather, honed or polished. If you don’t have a budget limitation, the stone should be on your kitchen walls.

D.    Windows

Nothing beats a breezy, sunlit view from your kitchen window. So, if your kitchen has an external wall that opens out to a scenic view, then say good bye to kitchen tiles design. Consider converting that brick wall into an openable window. It will add a new dimension to your kitchen, and also keep it fresh with the daily flush of breeze and sunlight.

E.    Cabinets

Use can put better use to the large wall surfaces by covering them up with storage cabinets. Cabinets can be decorative and very helpful to store all the kitchen utilities. Ask your modular kitchen vendor about floor to ceiling cabinet options. You can choose the single or double pantry pull-out units, or get tall shelves.

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