5 décor ideas for a summer vacations home

As the summer approaches, we start looking for cooling shelters now and then. We begin to spend more time indoors at our home, and this here is a great chance to revamp your place into summer vacations home. With a change of season, a shift in home décor is always due. So, while you pack away your winter clothes and duvets; you may be asking yourself –  how to have a great summer vacation, what to do this summer break. Have a look at our list of décor ideas to bring in some fresh and new summer vibes to your home.

#1 Use cool colours

Wall paints have a significant effect on the comfort levels of our rooms. Certain shades are known to reflect away the heat, while others are known to induce a cool and calm experience. Lighter tones such as whites, beige and khaki are right to beat the heat; they reflect most of the sun rays and the hot temperatures that come along to stay inside our homes. Calm shades such as sky blue, baby pink and mint green make us feel more relaxed and calmer; they are a welcome escape from the scorching heat outside.

#2 Block the sun

I am sure, as soon as the summer month arrive, you begin to use a sunblock lotion for your face. How about a sunblock for your lovely home? Indian summers face an extremely harsh sun, the heat can wipe away the lustre off your wood furniture and can fade the wall paints or the floor rugs. While you may enjoy the scenic view from your windows during monsoon and winter months, it is a good practice to protect your home’s décor from the harsh effects of the Indian summer sun. Nowadays, you have many options to preserve your summer vacations home. UV Block curtains are commonly available at online stores such as Also, the reflective glass film is a great option to preserve your windows’ view while discounting the heat gain. Now you know how to spend your summer vacation away from the sun.

#3 Install low-temperature lights

For your summer vacations home, natural sunlight is a worry only during the day. Artificial lights are another story that begins with the sunset. You may have heard of LED lights, they are quite the trend nowadays, and I too highly recommend it for a complete designer look for your home décor. However, these LED lights come in various colours and type, and few of these kinds are known for heat radiation.

Simply put, some of the lights can make you feel warmer by increasing the temperature of the surrounding areas. Now, usually, this may not be a concern. But during the hot Indian summers touching almost 50 deg C; every heat source matters. So, for decorating your summer vacation home, install LED lights that are known as cool white shade; avoid the warm white or warm yellow. The latter ones, depending on the number of fixtures, can result in increased temperatures during night time. So, before the summer comes, replace those warm yellow lights with cool white ones.

#4 Style with fans

There is no home décor without being stylish. And as you already know, style is always bold and beautiful. Right here, for your summer vacations home, style is also breezy. Now, most Indian homes come with one ceiling fan fixed for every room. But, in the hot air build up during the peak summer weeks, that ceiling fan may not be enough. Also, ancillary rooms such as bathrooms, lobby, kitchens and even balconies do not come with a fixed fan. Here is your décor opportunity to cease; or instead breeze with tabletop fans. Tabletop fans are making a comeback in home décor with retro style packed in state of the art technology. They look classy, bold and also serve a utility of making you more comfortable. From typical vintage style wireframe fans to bladeless mist diffusers – take your pick to add a high style quotient to your home décor.

#5 Bring in large palm trees

There is a saying – all I need are palm trees and a cool breeze – and that should be your motto to redecorate a summer vacations home. We took care of the cool breeze with stylish fans and cool wall colours; now lets’ get some palm trees inside your home. I believe life is better with palm trees; especially when you see lush green palm leaves blossoming in the hot summer sun.

Palm trees are desert species, so they thrive and bloom during the summer months of May to August. Many varieties of palms grow well in pots and trays that can easily fit in and around your existing home furniture. Available in various sizes and shapes, palms are known to boost energy levels; while bringing a pleasing tropical charm to your spaces. I suggest you hop over to the nearest plants nursery and get enough potted palms to fill your rooms with this low maintenance green wonder of nature.

Now it’s your turn to share. Tell us which décor idea suits your summer vacations home the best. Lastly, do remember this

Summertime is always the best of what might be

Charles Bowen

So, don’t wait to explore your home decor, every summer has its own story.

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